Nothing Makes Trump Happier Than Being Angry

Published on December 8, 2016

Time’s Person of the Year is upset about his magazine cover and his depiction on Saturday Night Live.

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  • Adolf Hitler 2 years ago

    My son Donald trump will rule the world

  • Martin Boylan 2 years ago

    I’m early, I’ll tell a joke.

    Keep going

    This comment got 10 lines longer.

  • Why you gotta go there 2 years ago

    If trump supporters were honest about why they like trump I would still
    hate it, but I would at least have some form of respect for them. But nope
    they pulled a bunch of bullshit during the election about things they said
    they care about. Where are they now? Even though trump is doing the
    opposite of everything they claimed they wanted they are still blowing him.

    – Lock her up:
    On the first day of being president-elect trump said that Hilary is a
    respectable women who deserves everyone’s admiration. So that’s gone

    – Drain the swamp
    In the past 2 decades some of the most corrupt people in American History
    out of which some have lead to the economic crash are now going to be in
    trump’s cabinet. So he didn’t drain the swamp he put all the swamp beings
    in higher power.

    – Pay to play is bad
    Not only did trump brag about pay-to-play for over a decade, he is now also
    starting to do it while president elect. So that’s gone

    – He cares about the people
    How? By running a scam university? Taking other people’s money from his
    fake foundation to pay off his own bills, and buy a painting of himself?

    – He is anti PC
    He has sued people over jokes before, including the onion, and Bill Maher.
    He has also banned many different media outlets from covering him because
    “they won’t cover me right”. He has had many media pens made that he used
    to make sure the media could not cover him properly before, he didn’t allow
    the media to interview people at his rallies before He has kicked out
    protesters just for silently holding posters and wearing shirts before. He
    has also said he wants to open up the Libel laws so that it will be easier
    for him to sue media companies that report on him in ways he does not like.
    And on his ask Reddit he banned certain question, and now he is saying that
    the theater should be a “safe place” and nobody should ever question his vp
    or it’s “harassment”

    on top of that the wall is now maybe a fence.

    So, tell me where are you now bitching about trump since he is not doing
    what you claimed you wanted? ? Because only one thing has been coming from
    your end, and that’s hate crimes against minorities. After looking at *Public
    policy polling,* and knowing that the majority of you trump supporters are
    bigots it’s not hard to tell that for you trump is making America great

  • roseslikemusic 2 years ago

    Marvel Clambake to you all around the world!

  • Kris S 2 years ago

    I bet that in the future some people will actually tell their kids that we
    live under Sharia law for eight years under Obama’s administration.

  • Duke 2 years ago

    Fuck you Trump and all the racists that failed high school and vote for

  • Jen Tuesday 2 years ago

    Can’t get over how hot the pianist is.

  • MagnuMagnus 2 years ago

    Marvel Clambake to all!
    And to all a good night!

  • Martin Zajic 2 years ago

    John’s getting on my nerves, wrecks the monologue

  • Clash 2 years ago

    Trump didn’t divide America, you say?

    -Trump said all Mexican illegals are rapists and criminals
    -Trump said we need to ban all Muslims, because they are *ALL* radical
    Islamist threats
    -Trump Tweeted a list of false statistics surrounding black crime
    -Trump said we need to deport all Illegal Immigrants because they are
    taking jobs from people in the inner cities
    -Trump said everybody in the inner cities are poor, dumb, and jobless and
    get shot walking down the street and *”WE”* need to fix it.
    -Trump said America’s government is a rigged system meant to be against
    it’s citizens
    -Trump said the press is dishonest and they are lying to the masses

    Yeah, but of course, Trump didn’t run a campaign meant to divide and
    conquer. It’s all a coincidence that America is divided right now.

  • Breakfast221 2 years ago

    Marvel Clambake and DC Musselcook to all of you.

  • Kynk Gaming 2 years ago

    Marvel Clambake… Everyone….

  • steve j 2 years ago

    “the clip art of the deal” went over a lot of people’s heads

  • Kevin Mitchell 2 years ago

    Time magazine made Hitler “man of the year” way back in 1938….

  • Harmony Jones 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas, you fuck. Don’t think we didn’t notice that you couldn’t
    ACTUALLY bring yourself to say the words. What a cunt.

  • Leandro Tirella 2 years ago

    2:38 he almost sounds a bit like Bernie Sanders

  • Stannis the Mannis of House Baratheannis 2 years ago

    The butthurt is strong in this one…

  • PS 2 years ago

    Well I for one am happy we finally have a president we can criticize
    without being called a racist.

  • N “N13259687” L 2 years ago

    I know they joke but it’s kinda fucked up.

  • F. S. 2 years ago

    This is the first time Batista found a joke funny.


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