“Not Untruthful…Incompetent” – Rep. Katie Porter On Trump Officials When They Testify In Congre…

Published on September 25, 2020

California Representative Katie Porter appreciates all her former students who showed up to class hungover, because it prepared her for how to question Trump officials testifying in front of Congress. #Colbert #KatiePorter #RepKatiePorter

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  • John Sharon 3 years ago

    Life has taught me that when one door closes, another door slams in your face

  • A L 3 years ago

    Hope for Katie Porter as our future president!!

  • A R 3 years ago

    Talk about cookies….she is one sharp cookie!

  • jmisc 3 years ago

    Should have been her instead of Kamala.

  • MVVpro 3 years ago

    She studied bankruptcy, so she is an expert on Trump.

  • wolschou 3 years ago

    I wonder how much good it would do to locate authority away from from the president and into congress if that congress is stacked with presidential automatons, blindly following each of his leads? The same congress that actually had the power to impeach the sitting president, but decided it didn’t even need to hear witnesses to shoot the whole thing down. This kind of cadre thinking is the real problem America has these days and not only in politics.

  • Charron Renelle M. 3 years ago

    Should have more like her!

  • Kohda 3 years ago

    it’s infuriating as a Canadian to see how little power the American people have. Like I wish I could donate and help to left-wing politicians in the states that I like, but that would be like accepting money from someone out of the country and illegal right? I’m not too sure, but sounds about right (cause of course, Canadian)

  • jim engle 3 years ago

    One of the new greats in congress!

  • Joni Spalding 3 years ago

    I love Katie!

  • Shane Drew 3 years ago

    an amazing woman.

  • Michael Steel Angel 3 years ago

    I Just love to watch her, that much of information all at her finger tips.

  • Frans van Mook 3 years ago

    The democrats shouid send the SQUAD out to fight the Republicans. Let the Democratic Mammoths like Nancy Pelosi get their rest, and give the important functions to the younger members.

  • Temam Ahmed 3 years ago

    That is what is being professor

  • something64 3 years ago

    What an amazing person.

  • A N 3 years ago

    I’m 71 & I can’t say that I have ever enjoyed & admired anyone in political life more than Rep. Katie Porter. I’m getting a Katie Porter tee shirt and an RBG one for Christmas. Here’s the kicker! Both tees will be from my Trump supporter daughter. She said that was all I was getting, I said fine with me.

  • Catherine Biggs 3 years ago

    I love her so much!


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