“Not The Brightest Bulb In The Chandelier” – Stephen King On Gov. Ron DeSantis

Published on August 10, 2021

Part-time Florida resident Stephen King returns to The Late Show to discuss his latest book “Billy Summers” and list the many reasons he’s unhappy with Governor Ron DeSantis. #Colbert #StephenKing #BillySummers

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  • Unicorn Vic 2 years ago

    Ron Deathdesantis. The new dangerous variant!

  • Jln Acb 2 years ago

    My favorite Stephens.

  • curandero verde 2 years ago

    Two weeks without Colbert is rough

  • Varsha 2 years ago

    Reading Billy Summers now! What a treat from my favorite author with my favorite comedian!

  • HighStimulation 2 years ago

    he quotes “sex machine” by James Brown. nice.

  • Evil Lyn 2 years ago

    Stephen King predicted this whole pandemic in “The Stand”
    If I start dreaming of Mother Abigail, (or more likely the Dark Man) it will only confirm my suspicions that we’re already screwed!

  • Shashwat Kunder 2 years ago

    King’s gotta write a novel about a pandemic

  • Joselito 2 years ago

    I love Stephen King, but his aging face is somewhat menacing, appropriate for one of his scary novels.

  • AnonRanGER01 2 years ago

    The one true King.

  • Preacher At Arrakeen 2 years ago

    He looks old and frail. And he still can’t do denouements to save his life.

  • S. TK 2 years ago

    He’s da king!

  • Old Scribe 2 years ago

    De Santis has zero immunological and epidemiological knowledge or qualifications. He knows bugger all about Covid and seems incapable of medical science insight or of understanding the evolution of virus mutations and the emerging variants of mutations. He wipes his backside on medical science and the Hippocratic Oath – it’s first precept is to ‘do no harm’. He knows better. He is vaccinated. He is criminally negligent, criminally insane. Too many people, who need not have died, are now dead because of his wilful stupidity and lies.

  • EyesOfByes 2 years ago

    2:44 And that my friends, is King’s next book

  • Killaim 2 years ago

    “bad stephens! No Handshakes!”

  • Richard Keller 2 years ago

    Why does Disantis always look like he has a pickle up is bum?

  • casbott 2 years ago

    A novel idea for Stephen King: Trump won in 2020 and then it’s later revealed that he’s _really the actual Antichrist._


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