Not-Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Went To North Korea

Published on April 19, 2018

The not-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a secret North Korea trip to meet Kim Jong-un.

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  • Arnaldo Capo 2 years ago


  • boonlincoln 2 years ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. Not-Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Went To North Korea
    2. Nikki Haley Is Standing Up To Trump And Russia

  • shoesheep 2 years ago

    You know when someone writes in ALL CAPS, they’re doing the old “If I say it loud enough and often enough it becomes true” trick. NO COLLUSION … right, just like no one from the Trump campaign ever met with Russians … until they did. In Trump Tower.

  • Alan Rails 2 years ago

    Stephens impression of Trump is the most comedic of all.

  • The_Lagger YT 2 years ago

    TENTH 🔟

  • Paul Ramos 2 years ago

    Allegedly. Allegedly.

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    Totally sounds like someone who is innocent…

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    I know that we should be glad that there is a meeting between the US and North Korea…. but I can’t help to feel very very nervous about this.

  • Miguel Gordillo 2 years ago

    lol as someone else fairly tall i always love the jokes on height. bring it, comment section!

  • Duck 2 years ago

    Pretty sure he literally just found out right before the tweet and said “Ooh I need to brag about this now for some reason.”

  • Linn Specialist 2 years ago

    Trump, an extremely low character traitor bowing to Putin.

  • Lex Nel 2 years ago


  • jzilla1234 2 years ago

    “He doesn’t watch TV hosts Who…. don’t share his lawyer.”


  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    Trump is even stupider than I thought if he thinks North Korea is willing to give up their nukes. North Koreans think the only thing that stops a bad guy (America) with nukes is a good guy (NK) with nukes, Americans especially republicans should appreciate their flawless logic.

  • Terra shine 2 years ago

    Is that how the president of your country speaks ?
    Sounds constipated.

  • Lalz Party 2 years ago

    (Except by the Dems)? His tweets on Russian Collusion are becoming more hilarious.
    Next I’m expecting him to say that the citizens of the United States are colliding with Russians to get him out of the office.

  • TheReal008Zulu 2 years ago

    Kim: Welcome to glorious Democratic nation of North Korea!
    Pompeo: Thanks, it’s good to be here.
    Kim: We just have a few questions we need you to answer first, standard security you understand.
    Pompeo: Of course.
    Kim: Have you, or at any time, been a member of an intelligence organisation such as the CIA?
    Pompeo: Yes. Wait, no! No! No is my final answer.
    Kim: Guards, find out everything he knows.

  • camelshit 2 years ago

    Tweetytweet in Chief trump is always so positive; he will claim victory no matter what happens.
    He will take credit for a ‘fantastic’ peace, if that were to be the outcome of a meeting between the two majestic plumps.
    And he will take credit for having created productive chaos and lots of tremendous energy, if a skirmish should break loose..

  • Bruce Baker 2 years ago

    Not that Facts and Trump ever hang out together, but…
    “Worst FBI director in history”? What have there been…about 5? And one wore dresses while persecuting gays…used his files to cement his power…and lasted over 40 years.

    Do you think Donnie ever even considered Hoover? Or even knows the names of the two who followed Hoover? Yet, in Trump’s (no doubt) carefully considered judgement, Comey is “the worst one in history”.

    Everything’s “the best” “one of the best”, “worst in history”… nothing’s “just Tuesday”. I guess it isn’t ALways superlatives. Sometimes things are “Total WITCH HUNTS”. But other times, they’re just “WITCH HUNT”. Without the superlatives. But, usually, with 3 or more exclamation marks.


  • Bruce Baker 2 years ago

    How could Pompeo have had a secret meeting with NK and Trump didn’t blurt out the secret til today? Kept a state secret for a whole week. Impressive discretion by The Donald.

    Or they didn’t tell him about it til today.

    Trump blatting that denuclearization is his goal? Some negotiator. He probably won’t get it. So, despite being “The Artful Dealmaker”, he will have fumbled the deal. OR Kim will hold him up for an incredibly big demand in order to “succeed” at pulling off his publicly announced goal.

    Donald couldn’t negotiate himself out of a paper bag. Even if two Russian hookers peed on the bag first.


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