North Korea’s First COVID-19 Outbreak, Biden’s New Press Secretary: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on May 13, 2022

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of May 9.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Kelly Mitchell 2 years ago

    Btw, it is should be law for men to get a vasectomy if they impregnate a woman who can not have an abortion. Or they lose half of their money every year. No, never had an abortion and I talked my daughter out of it. The right to bodily autonomy should be protected.

  • Badger 2 years ago

    I was recently at Disney, and people did in fact cheer trump and boo biden in the hall of presidents

  • Jason Serrano Batista 2 years ago

    Vladimir Putani… Intent on keeping his Nation and People living in feudal medieval Europe… not to mention putting his Peoples name in the History books as the most hated Nation in Europe since ’45.
    Kudos to the diminutive poison dwarf.
    YeeeHaaa UnterPoccNR!

  • morris shaw 2 years ago

    same thought i had about bono when i heard about the gig, he’s determined to get that nobel prize, i mean he has already tried to steal one from mandela

  • Dan R. 2 years ago

    Boooo! From Pittsburg PA

  • Bob Bobby 2 years ago

    Late night propaganda

  • Chris Whitley 2 years ago

    Yeah, they will build a wall to keep Americans out.

  • Daxxon Jabiru 2 years ago

    I thought James Cromwell was dead. Huh …

  • ericmarseille2 2 years ago

    “All the glorious country of North Korea is from now on confined!”
    “He meant: Business just as usual”.

  • Michael Brown 2 years ago

    You realize Meyers is a comedian, not a newscaster.

  • Fern Bedek 2 years ago

    That President statue is 50% Seth Meyers 50% Craig Ferguson.

  • Brad Reeder 2 years ago

    Ginni Thomas leaked it.

  • Andrew Johnson 2 years ago

    Jokes aside, contracting CoVid does not give you any significant long-term immunity.

  • Barth 2 years ago

    Bono and The Edge? Think I’d take my chances with the bombs.

  • Quantum Locke & Key 2 years ago

    Liber Primus

  • Chris Smith 2 years ago

    Seth, if I could be your husband, I wouldn’t because I’m straight but you’re still kind of cool.


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