North Korea Gets Back on Trump’s Good Side | The Daily Show

Published on June 4, 2018

President Trump reverses his decision to cancel his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un after being presented with a giant envelope from the North Korean dictator.



  • GamZ UP 2 years ago

    I hate hiiim

  • Nasty 2 years ago

    Get funny honestly

  • Ovy Ortolaza 2 years ago

    I haven’t seen this in a while an now they making fun of him because they are getting alon ? Or nthey not am so confused and stone mmmhhh oh well other bowl it is. ?

  • Jesse Hernandez 2 years ago

    “It was an interesting letter”

    What did the letter say?

    “O idk. I haven’t read it yet”

    That’s the president of the united states. Smfh

  • JoelJames2 2 years ago

    The moment I saw that envelope, I knew a “Trump’s hand size” joke was coming. I wasn’t disappointed.

  • mario 2 years ago

    i love donald trump!

  • Arn-Ice 2 years ago

    For the people in N-Korea and S-Korea, I hope things keep this momentum. Overlooking any things I hold against Trump overall. People forget N-Korea doesn’t need nukes to cause serious damage on S-Korea if a conflict escalates suddenly. You can intercept some missiles, but simple artillery howitzers you can’t. And they’re within striking distance of Seoul. (some folks tend to focus just on USA and others’ (Russia, China, etc) perspective)

  • Samir Arifi 2 years ago

    Plus is kung fu fight between Donald Trump Vs Kim Jong Un
    ? ?

  • Randall Goguen 2 years ago

    Zionist America is just worried they can’t throw monkey wrenches into peace processes and the World doesn’t need their input for peace treaties. .

  • Rocking Arts 2 years ago

    6000 dollars? thats cake work bro just pay it

  • // osivot 2 years ago

    Hopefully he will fuck up North Korea and another western nation will swoop in and replace american hegemony with diplomacy. The US needs to sit in time out for a while.

  • CantCifUdontopenuri's 2 years ago

    He knows what’s in envelope: money and riches beyond his wildest dreams. Come on, “it’s a deal from one greedy dictator to another.” Trump is grossly underestimated. He’s only driven by his greed and he keeps everyone off balance by playing to their arrogance; “you don’t need to be a genius to fool everyone with the three-card-monte.”

  • Eyon 2 years ago

    How do people find this guy funny?

  • Deme x 2 years ago

    I can’t wait u to talk about the meeting of trumpkim

  • Rochelle Eskue 2 years ago

    Regarding ‘ PLUS.” I think he was making reference to KJ’s weight. Especially after hearing his skinny comment today.

  • Spencer Lee 2 years ago

    The more you understand how the world works, the less you appreciate what’s being said in the daily show….

  • imskinne 2 years ago

    Wait! Why would he win the noble peace price again? Did he really made the North Korean come to a peace talk through reasonable means, or did he threaten with more violence if it didn’t come to a meeting? If he could win a noble prize(an idiotic prize so to speak since the 21st century), am sure no one would see it as “prestigious” as it would be before trump had it. Talking about an achievement, threats and bullying speeches doesn’t mean it’s a noble winning feat!

  • Gina Lopez 2 years ago


  • Maria Rodriguez 2 years ago

    When I feel a bit bad about myself I just need to whatch trevor Noah making fun of Trump. God I know que yo hago papelazo pero el presidente de los Estados Unidos abusa del derecho a los papelazos for real….lol

  • Kevin Leugan 2 years ago

    Seems that NDA joke flew over most people’s heads. I’ll admit it took me a good couple of seconds myself to realize the context for the joke is that NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement.


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