Norman Reedus Explains How He Ended Up With An Internet Famous Cat

Published on October 31, 2019

Norman Reedus, star of “The Walking Dead,” brought home a black cat for his son and the cat ended up becoming an Instagram star! #Colbert #NormanReedus #WalkingDead

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  • KunisakeRM 3 years ago

    Great interview. BUT WHERE WAS THE DEATH STRANDING MENTION!?! ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT TO GO!! Tomorrow is in your hands.

  • Ernesto Arr 3 years ago

    I thought they were going to talk about Death Stranding ??

  • Na M 3 years ago

    His real voice is so much different than Daryl’s. It makes me think of the SNL “Californians” sketches.

  • 116 roots 3 years ago

    Death stranding hello?

  • roxannwats 3 years ago

    Norman Reedus! Love your acting, love your character on TWD. Love Melissa too!

  • Julia Connell 3 years ago

    I do NOT recommend taking a cat with a basketball and a trashcan!

  • Francisco DaGausser 3 years ago

    Noir Zombies:
    That’s how they play it. It doesn’t matter if it’s mathematics, gambling, business, construction, musician, actor, bounty hunter, militia, writer, crime, or whatever. You’re deep in this world where there’s always a waiver where you haven’t earned your check yet, getting along with a bunch of strangers you can barely get along with, and playing knight for a team run by someone else. They string you along, and you barely get pragmatic soup or burnt eggs for breakfast. The illusion happens, and that’s all you have to live on.

  • Joni _ 3 years ago

    Walking Dead newest season is already 4 episodes in and you promote it now? How about Death Stranding? It’s new

  • A Wee Scots Dog 3 years ago

    Talking of cats –

    In a Flap in a Cap (aka Doctored Excuses with Kellyanne)
    I am Donald
    I am Scam,
    Scam I am,
    I do not like it Kellyanne,
    Why don’t they let me have a ban?

    I want a wall, that’s 10 feet tall,
    That’ll surely make ’em stall,
    I do not like those Mexicans,
    I do not like them Kellyanne,
    I would not like them if I could,
    I would prefer just to be rude,

    I would not, could not, just be kind,
    It really would just hurt my mind,

    Would you like sharing in the dark,
    Secrets with Russian Oligarchs?
    Yes I will share things when it’s dark,
    In envelopes in Central Park,

    I am Trump,
    Trump am I,
    And all I say is just a lie.

  • Να Φωτιστεί 3 years ago

    Missed opportunity to talk about the game, but then conan already beat colbert to it

  • Hello, random fascist kid on the internet! 3 years ago

    Why aren’t they talking about Death Stranding lol. Are movies the only workpieces that deserve recognition/promotion in the media or..?

  • Goya Solidar 3 years ago

    A righteously cool dude.

  • John White 3 years ago

    Everyone on here talking about Death Stranding…. have you never heard of a NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement?

  • Cavalcade 3 years ago

    death stranding? kojima? silent hills? PT? games are the biggest entertainment industry on the planet adapt

  • Wellington Fattori 3 years ago

    dammit i’ll be looking at this dork face for 100+ hours next week.

  • Mara Peregrine 3 years ago

    Zero chemistry despite both being charismatic gentlemen. Stephen seemed patronizing and as said elsewhere, disinterested. Maybe just not a fan of the series – he did seem to think Norman was talking about Wilson’s ACTUAL HEAD… LMAO… perhaps evidencing Stephen didn’t know about Hershel’s beheading… although there was a confusing transition between “I kept his (wilson’s) ponytail” to “the smithsonian kept his head (hershel’s)” and maybe Reedus planted it for fun as Stephen wasn’t really giving him the love treatment.

  • cavemancolton 3 years ago

    Darryl who? All I see is Sam Porter Bridges.

  • Sandra Buckett 3 years ago

    Daryl and Carol the only two originals left. Makes me sad so many left the show. R.I.P. Scott Wilson. ???❤️??❣️?

  • Crystal M 3 years ago


  • alyisdead 3 years ago

    God I hate how much I love him


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