Norm Macdonald: To Hell With Flossing | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published on September 15, 2021

(Original airdate: 06/13/95) Norm Macdonald jokes about biting his tongue, having too many teeth, and lying to his dentist.

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  • Rilo Honeu 2 years ago

    I love how he actively tries to confuse the audience about the punchline. We’re all in mourning. Rip norm

  • ElTee Three 2 years ago

    The balls of that guy. Nobody loved awkward silence the way Norm did. Most comedians die in those situations, he just fed off it.

  • Britton B. 2 years ago

    The absolute greatest. God Bless Norm.

  • v o 2 years ago

    the funniest, most misunderstood comedian, his cynical, ironic flair for jokes , epic.
    i ll miss him Rip my dear Norm ill be sure to get a van and fill it with cheese sandwiches

  • Jeff R 2 years ago

    We lost someone who was so original in his comedic delivery.

    RIP Norm we love you

  • Abc Abc 2 years ago

    Norm is gone, but at least Amy Schumer is still with us!

  • Joel Thorne 2 years ago

    So not funny.

  • Apple Scruffs 2 years ago

    Usually when a celeb dies Conan will post one interview and that’s it but for Norm no we are getting a hole series of videos.
    RIP Norm we will miss you dearly. Thanks for all the laughs

  • Cynthia Jones 2 years ago

    Listen have you heard this… I am the way, truth & life no one comes to the father (God) except through me.John 14:6 Please believe that Jesus died for your sin & rose again. Then confess your sins to God today! Dont be left behind. Love Y’all

  • Blacktooth Longwalker 2 years ago

    I’ve trained my teeth to do flips. No cap.

  • Eben Wagner 2 years ago

    God bless you Norm. thank you for the laughs

  • Darryl Carnell 2 years ago

    He was awesome, and the one thing I remember most about him is ….O J SIMPSON MURDERED TWO PEOPLE!
    Norm McDonald was one of the absolute best, and I’m sure if there is a heaven he is looking down and saying “Seriously, O J Simpson stabbed two people to death”.

  • Michael Penis 2 years ago

    Flossing. You got a rope there in between your teeth there.

  • Kelly OBrien 2 years ago

    So sad, another great comedian taken from us too soon. RIP

  • Sheena Fellers 2 years ago

    He once said when someone dies from cancer people say “they lost the battle” makes em sound like a loser. I like to think it was a draw. RIP Norm

  • [yeet yeet] 2 years ago

    lol the audience xd

  • Barba Moj 2 years ago

    One very handsome and funny guy…


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