Norm Macdonald Stand-Up – “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 10/19/93

Published on October 17, 2019

(Original airdate 10/16/93) Norm Macdonald jokes about getting a dog, wolverines, and the absurdity of plastic dog toys. Experience the “Best Of Stand-Up From Conan” on our new podcast hosted by Laurie Kilmartin. Only on Stitcher Premium:

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  • Team Coco 8 months ago

    Hear the best stand-up sets from season one of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on our new podcast “Best Of Stand-Up From Conan,” hosted by Laurie Kilmartin. Only on Stitcher Premium.

  • Screw The Net 8 months ago

    One of the best things to come from Canada, besides Jim Carey…and…hmm…Trailer PArk Boys seasons 1-10. ^,;,^

  • eyescovered 8 months ago


  • strawberryloli 8 months ago


  • Methodology Gaming 8 months ago

    Norm is just on a whole other level of comedy no other would understand lol

  • F.M 8 months ago

    oh my god, this was one of the worst stand-up acts I’ve ever seen, thank god he’s funny now.

  • Thessaly Meteora 8 months ago

    I took care of a wiener dog once named Freida like the artist. She was so sweet, the dog, I never met the artist. She was ten years old and she slept with her paws in my back the whole night. I would pick her up and move her to the end of the bed and then she’d get up and come back to snuggle with me and then her paws would end up in my back again. It was like when my daughter co slept with me until she was a year old and I’d wake up with her elbow in my eye.

  • putsome basilonit 8 months ago

    Or so the German Shepherds would have us believe…

  • lone ranger 8 months ago

    Norm MacDonald :*speaks*
    Me:laughs unctrolllabkyvdsssse EU k

  • rachelisagrapefruit 8 months ago

    Two real scholars and gentlemen!

  • Spanish Inquisition 8 months ago


  • Phone Screen Fiend Machine 8 months ago

    We need more Norm MacDonald content from the Conan vault please!!!!

  • Robert Ri 8 months ago

    This is the first time I’m hearing about Norm on Conans channel since they all turned their back on him 2 years ago

  • Tevin Sherrill 8 months ago

    Any Norm is good Norm.

  • Ron Harmsen 8 months ago

    One of the best delivery comedians ever. Norm always made me smile. I sure do miss him. ?

  • Pandas are cool 8 months ago

    Conan will always be my favorite talk show host but I don’t appreciate that he blacklisted Norm just because he stuck up for Rosanne Barr.

  • Andy Slade 8 months ago

    Norm is the greatest. I love the old chunk of coal

  • JustVaish 8 months ago

    How can a man be this chill and dreamy in front of an audience. Is he like permanently stoned?

  • Chris Felix 8 months ago

    What d’you think you’re Mars?? Or something?

  • David 8 months ago

    He could all be making this up off the top of head, but it’s Norm’s delivery that will always win


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