Norah O’Donnell On Trump’s Attacks: It Doesn’t Bother Me If I Know We Have Our Facts Straight

Published on July 14, 2020

The anchor and managing editor of “CBS Evening News,” Norah O’Donnell, stands behind her reporting on the Trump administration, in particular her interview with government whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, and was unbothered by the jab President Trump took at her on Twitter. #StephenAtHome #CBSEveningNews #NorahODonnell

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  • Rhys Jones 6 months ago

  • Lyn Jenkins 6 months ago

    If you have recovered from Covid talk to your doctor about donating plasma as well.

  • N. Joel 6 months ago

    That is because all in all, honesty and bravery wins in her favor and telling the truth is all that matters with the facts to back it up.

  • Alfred Daniel 6 months ago

    Donald Dump is really hoping that things don’t get any worse before November.

  • Claudio Perri 6 months ago

    in the land of the living…the Resistance, Fear Mongers, Lovers of…Black Lives
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  • Herb Liptow 6 months ago

    How is murdering thousands of Americans with covid, any different than the gas chambers in the 40’s?! trump is guilty of genocide! It’s just that simple!

  • Liliane Vanhauw 6 months ago

    You are loosing it sadly.

  • 8Zeit8Geist8 6 months ago

    Merica = a real satire :p just a Joke all of it ^^ :p ~R.i:P. New Babylon 😉 Peace <3

  • Geraldine Gaggia 6 months ago

    Thank you for donating blood. It really does save lives, every day. Everything is tested, so blood is safe to receive and to give! Doesn’t matter about your race. We all have the same colour blood. You guys are sweet! ❤🌍😁🕯

  • David Rabinovitch 6 months ago

    Rosey cheeks needs a smile. Otherwise you don’t look so rosey lol…

  • Brad Gies 6 months ago

    Oh, apparently studio makeup artists do a better job than Norah herself… she’s still beautiful, but….

  • Richard K 6 months ago

    I’m a Red Cross volunteer and tomorrow I’m working at our local blood drive.

  • Katie Mue 6 months ago

    So glad someone is out giving blood to help rather than the current poliferation of blood suckers out there making sure we die.

  • firebearfl 6 months ago

    Thank God we still have freedom of the press, though not sure how long we will if that THING in the WH is reelected. If the THING in the WH could get away with it, we would just have his disinformation squad and Trump News aka Fox News (Faux). VOTE in November, our freedom depends on it!

  • WildwoodClaire1 6 months ago

    Thanks to Mary Trump, we all now have a fuller understanding of Donald Trump’s curiously obsequious deference to authoritarian “strongmen.” Clearly, they remind him of his daddy.

  • AUS 6 months ago

    mmm very impressive lady that seems very professional and logical and i normally hate journalists

  • QUEVOY 6 months ago

    Do you have Covid-19? Don’t know. Who cares? Come on down, donante your blood, is perfectly safe. Now if you’re getting one, that’s a wholly diferent game, it’s playing russian roulett. They only catch is your playing it with 5 buletts instead of one. Maybe the virus dies in those 4 days it’s in the fridge. A hole second wave of Covid-19 is brewing, waitting to come out. Good lock!

  • Jess Stuart 6 months ago

    Trump doesn’t just attack the FACTS, he has declared a WAR ON TRUTH.

  • David Mitchell 6 months ago

    So, you give blood in the US and you get apple juice and Jesus?

  • Rob Raymakers 6 months ago

    Trump 2020

    Trump at bat. The Pitcher winding up for the throw on this beautiful day in Chicago, crowds booing in the stands, and here comes the pitch. …..Corona.. “Strike 1 !”
    What was that? A slow pitch that even my grandmother could hit. Did you see the lackluster swing the Don made.Why is Trump looking at the sky? Is it a bird? is it a plane? No the sun.. he should really start wearing shades when he looks at it.
    The pitcher is getting ready for the second throw. He is looking over his shoulder to Bragg on first base and Lee on second. He throws……… BLM. Strike 2!”. Ït left the Don spinning.. and his team too. Wow. look at Trump screaming at the ump now. His face more orange county than ever. Remember to wear a mask when you are spitting in someones face Don, or you may get sued or even charged with attempted manslaughter. He settles down a little…. Ok, the pitcher seems ready for the next throw. He winds…. it’s…… “A bounty on US troops!”over the middle of the plate and the Don did not even lift up his bat. “Strike 3!!!!”
    Trump is really angry now, yelling at the ump , throws the bat on the ground.Why is he pointing at the bat.. is he blaming the bat? He is looking over at his coach, pointing at the bat again. Vlad off-course disgusted, but laughing, at the bad performance of his failed player.
    Ow, the Don doesn’t want to leave the field, he is kicking and screaming: “Wrigged.. the field is wrigged!” I would call that throwing a tantrum if saw my 3 year old do that. Is he crying now too? Well that is the ballgame Back to you! Wait uhhmmm, he is swinging again.. what is that? The ump is letting him at bat again.! Who’s rules are we playing by? A Mulligan? Who is that? Well, let’s see what the pitcher has left in his arm. The Don with his usual straight “Over the belly”-stance to the plate. The pitcher throws another “50.000 new infections a day” and over the plate it goes! The Don not moving again. Oh no wait , he did move, he moved a R Stone out of the way, which distracted him. Surely a strike! This should be his last at bat? I hope this is the ballgame because it is really getting difficult to watch. If you are in the stands or near the field, good luck! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • nanimor145 6 months ago

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