Nobody in the Republican Party Bats An Eye at Trump’s Military Insults – Anderson Cooper

Published on October 5, 2023

Anderson Cooper points out that Trump’s challengers for the Republican nomination are ignoring the former president’s deeply disrespectful behavior towards members of America’s armed forces and their families. Stick around for more with Anderson Cooper and check out his latest book, “Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune.”
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  • Richard. Poveromo 7 months ago

    Same old drivel that keeps your ratings embarrassingly low. Welcome back to your nightly thumping by millions by
    Greg Gutfeld.

  • D Sabey 7 months ago

    Donald Trump is still sucking up most of the airtime.

  • Burton Schrader 7 months ago

    Cooper is wrong to say just present the news and let the viewers decide. Propaganda is the problem and Fox along with the GOP subscribe to it. Anderson reads 1 truth 1 time. Fox repeats 1 lie 100 times. Who wins?

  • traderz13 7 months ago

    Such a naive perspective from Andersen.

  • Jade Valour 7 months ago

    I’ve always liked Anderson Cooper, but he really slipped in my eyes when he went on air and made excuses for the network giving trump a platform in that dreadful ‘town hall’ Kaitlin Collins. I feel that he betrayed his own integrity in doing that.
    And of course there was no mention of that here.😡

  • Strong Woman Swanson 7 months ago

    Now do Biden and his scandals, right?

  • GTA RC 7 months ago

    91 Indictments
    4 Criminal lawsuits
    …and a Patridge in a pear tree. Tis the season to be jolly!

  • Peter Smith 7 months ago

    I agree with Anderson about the media’s obligation to confront Trump when he lies. I look forward to when news outlets actually fucking do that.

  • Miravlix 7 months ago

    Older people see their children fail, that creates a desperation and fear in people that leads to French Revolutions, so shovel all the data you want while the common man is pushed over the edge and starts chopping off heads. Your not ADDRESSING the reason people is desperate. You need to start seeing that the US is broken and that breaks the people voting, so unless you begin delivering data on how bad Republicans AND democrats is doing for the common man, your useless Cooper, because all your doing is fanning the flames as you AGAIN show the elite has no clue what is the problem.

  • M W 7 months ago

    People who have already pledged their support to Trump, are not watching Anderson Cooper. They are not seeking objective information. They are contented following.

  • John Sanchez 7 months ago

    Trump has how many military deferments?

  • Rebecca 7 months ago

    If only all of journalism was like that. Facts and truth only. “The viewers are smarter than everyone” isn’t true if they’re being misinformed by Trump-loving Fox or other right-wing networks.

  • Martin Newman 7 months ago

    I still wanna see T the musical! I bet it’s gonna happen.

  • Charles1er Smeyers 7 months ago

    Never forget that president Kennedy PT boat was cut in two by a Japanese destroyer and sunk, what does Trump, how never served his country, has to say to that?

  • Chris Angel 7 months ago

    WHY NOT TALK ABOUT BIDEN… FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST ONE TIME MENTION HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MENTION THE DISASTER BIDENS government has created!!!!

    NO??? you just gonna keep ignoring it and talking about trump trump trump.. is that????

  • Etterra 7 months ago

    Cooper is lying to himself. There are swathes of people who don’t want _facts,_ they want what’s _easy._ They don’t want cognitive dissonance, they want to feel good about themselves. They don’t want to think critically, they want to confirmation that they’re right and smart and no evidence to the contrary will ever, ever fix that. You can’t fix stupid, you can’t hammer through willful ignorance, and you can’t stop them from making the worst decisions for the worst reasons. Because humans gonna human, and tribalistic conservative fanatics are at the trough of every moral, ethical, and intellectual sine wave you care to measure them against. And that’s why we’re all screwed.

  • Denise Stinnett 7 months ago

    Anderson Cooper? Why don’t you explain why you dumped Kathy Griffith?

  • Doggy the Anarchist 7 months ago

    Is Anderson Cooper, a smarter, gayer, Bill Maher?

  • Big Sunn 0))) 7 months ago

    Whoever tries to shoot Trump better aim for the stomach. It hurts the most there


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