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Published on September 24, 2020

Louisville police officer Brett Hankison is indicted for shooting into a neighbor’s apartment during the murder of Breonna Taylor, but none of the three officers involved in the fatal encounter will be charged for her death. Trevor asks, “Who is winning in this whole thing?” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BreonnaTaylor

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  • Jacob Harvey 2 years ago

    Shot from returning fire after a no knock warrent. Its a black and white case, heyo. Media is fueling a fire and dumb people are going to sit in it. Also ladies, if you date a guy involved in criminal activity keep that same energy when its crunch time please.

  • Constantine of Byzantium 2 years ago

    She wasn’t sleeping, they had a warrant, and she was caught in the crossfire. Yall don’t know what it’s like being in a gunfight so stop assuming everything is racist.

  • Robson Junior 2 years ago

    In the the words of Art “If you wait for power to be given it will be given to those already with power, so if you want power you must take it”. It saddens me that we live in a world where that appears to be true. Decades of fighting against slavery and colonial oppression and now this!

  • Steve Wolf 2 years ago

    I wish people would read the facts about this case instead of listening left propaganda from people like him. You will be better informed.

  • Shawn Riordan 2 years ago

    I believe that this is a problem in both directions. The cops were valid in their return fire, which resulted in her death. but Walker was also valid in his preliminary fire at them. I don’t believe that he was aware of their police-relevance during their assault. He was defending his castle at the time of their assault and had no reason to avoid the police. He was defending his home and loved ones. As any good 2nd Amendment advocate would demand the same rights.

    The whole thing was a mess of unethical behavior. Legitimized by the legislature. No-knock warrants are an unconstitutional point of view used by authoritarians. And the source of the problem here. The officers are guilty in the sense that they had a bare minimum of reason to ask for a No-Knock warrant. (did not deserve one) But isn’t as easily demonstrated. Which is a source of guilt on their part. But much more fuzzy.

    Ultimately, she wasn’t a holder for her ex-boyfriend’s narcotics. She wasn’t a holder for his money.

    They killed a castle-defender based on what they “hoped” to be true. They were wrong, but they still just hoped for it.
    They had no evidence. They had no logical reason for a no-knock warrant. Except for a racist judicial system that approved of their no-knock request. In that case, I agree.

    Her death was the result of a racist systemic problem involving racist judicial no-knock requests.

    That is where we should be looking for change.

  • Onespeed 2shakez 2 years ago

    Breonnas family got $12,000,000…..

  • Red Pill 2 years ago

    Police in the United States m*rd*r thousands of citizens every year. Over a thousand a year that they are forced to admit to because they are caught, which does not include the thousands that go unreported. Police brutality cases are like Roaches, for everyone you see there are a thousand you don’t.

    In addition to these thousands m*rd*r*d directly there are tens of thousands m*rd*r*d by police indirectly due to the standard operating procedure of charge stacking by police and prosecutors that force citizens to plead guilty to crimes they do not commit. Every death that occurs in prison of a citizen that is a victim of charge stacking is a m*rd*r by police. Every homeless person that dies in the street from exposure because they can’t get a job due to an unjust criminal record because of charge stacking is a m*rd*r by police.

    Everything children are taught about the US justice system in school are lies. Less than 10% of the American population ever receive a trial due to the immoral and unjust charge stacking standard operating procedure of police and prosecutors, which has made the United States the largest penal colony on Earth.

    Be a true patriotic American, and fight fascism. AntiFa does have leadership. Every American soldier that died fighting Hitler and fascism during World War II is a founding father of AntiFa. They gave their lives fighting fascism and being AntiFascist. AntiFa = AntiFascist = Anti Fascist. Every American martyr that lost their life or was incarcerated fighting fascism is a member of AntiFa.

    Trump calls the brave American soldiers that lost their lives fighting fascism “suckers’ and “losers”. It’s theses great patriotic Americans that gave up their lives fighting Hitler and fascism during World War II that are the founding fathers of AntiFa. What side are you on? The pro-fascist side that calls our fallen American heroes “suckers” and “losers” that is destroying freedom and democracy in the United States, or are you on the side of patriotic freedom fighters of AntiFa?

    Join Anti-Fascism now: #IAmAntiFa #iamantifa

  • Gwen Alexander 2 years ago

    Best Perspective ✌🏽

  • Ali Chakrouf 2 years ago

    I’m so confused he shot at an officer and his girl died what are y’all expecting the officers to do? “Should of tazed him bro”. Or after getting “you should of admitted aid after getting shot at” mindless sheep

  • Anette alejandra Salazar alatorre 2 years ago

    I would respect hem more if he talked like that in south africa fore he’s S.F. and stop acting like he black when he is white and black

  • Neenah Starks 2 years ago

    Thank you Trevor 💜

  • max sa 2 years ago

    america has lost everything in trumps america. america has fallen.

  • Frank Freeman 2 years ago

    Boring! It ain’t interesting to no one.🤦‍♂️

  • Randay Year2525 2 years ago

    Look up what happened to Fred Hampton back in 1969. Murderous pigs do not change. Now they are more heavily armed murderous pigs.

  • Riki tiki Tavi 2 years ago

    It was a Justified and LEGAL SHOOTING
    Former Black Officer Brandon Tatum releases leaked info on brionna taylor

    Officer Brandan Tatum more on breonna taylor

    Jerico Green- Breonna taylor, breonna taylor, breonna taylor.

    Breonna taylor is a victim of bad decision making.

    Under state law, the use of deadly force is justified by anyone — civilian or police — if that person believes such force is necessary to protect them against death or physical injury. 

    Also …
    under Louisville Metro Police policy also says officers may use deadly force when the officer reasonably believes “based on the facts and circumstances that the person against whom the force is used poses an immediate threat of death or serious injury.”  

    further protection for police officers

    a police officer may use deadly force to prevent the escape of a fleeing felony suspect only if the officer has a good-faith belief that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others

    if police are not allowed to return fire when they are shot at, nobody would be willing to work as an officer. 

    “If Black people, are willing to condone the return of an indictment for murder when the facts … clearly do not justify the return of such an indictment, then they will lose their moral authority. 

    “If blacks want ‘equal justice’’’ “they must we willing to accept that the police are also entitled to ‘equal justice’ when the facts and circumstances demand it.


    Brionna was not shot in her bed, she was shot in the hallway

    She was a FIRED EMT..not a WORKING EMT..due to the fact police found a dead body in her car


    Recorded jail phone calls to her shows she was not an innocent victim

    It was a No knock warrant.but they did knock anyway and announce their presence.and neighbors heard them state Police. One neighbor testified to that fact at the grand jury.

    her ex was videotaped / photographed of him coming to her apt the day before she died to get a package of drugs.

    So the life of Black man “Fernandez Bowman “does not matter? his dead body was found in the rental car trunk rented by breonna taylor before all this even happened ..BLM? Hypocrites

  • N. Bacquia 2 years ago

    Putin wins, because he has succeeded in destroying America.

  • Axel Glenn 2 years ago

    Police system is designed to hurt and oppressed and serve corporations, they’re winning.

  • max sa 2 years ago

    shoot the police and look the other way. were is the bloods and crips now ? can’t protest their own people. u have guns, use them.

  • Jenn Anko 2 years ago


  • Sylvia S 2 years ago

    Such a great speech. Great points, addressing each side. I hope this week get to many people. 🤞


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