No Legal Weed for You, Ohio

Published on November 5, 2015

James recaps the results of the 2015 midterm elections, including legal marijuana failing in Ohio and LGBT discrimination passing in Houston.

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  • Sara Fakult 4 years ago

    Darn… I’m Ohio…

  • Drxma 4 years ago


  • Paul Quigley 4 years ago

    0:40 James passed it to the right. Arrest that man!

  • Biogenic Gnosis 4 years ago

    Equal rights for men to go into women’s bathrooms. So equal.

  • Biogenic Gnosis 4 years ago

    It’s not dated. You are just a brainwashed moron. Homosexuality and
    transexuality happens at the end and destruction of every society it has
    happened to more than one or two society’s that have failed.

  • TheEmzBemz 4 years ago

    In England most work place toilets are now just communal for everyone, in
    order to avoid the embarrassment and issues some trans people or non-binary
    people get in simply going to the toilet. There are literally no issues and
    it’s fine, you’re in there to use the loo – it’s a completely normal bodily
    function – like do you want to start segregating restraunts as well now
    because men and women shouldn’t be allowed to eat together?!

  • JamieOwen50 4 years ago

    These types of issues must drive him nuts living in the US for a while now.

  • Kate McNamara 4 years ago

    Well done James :)

  • Jade Row 4 years ago

    cool they can pop out that kid too then, they can bleed out their pussy one
    week out a month as well…cool? then i will consider it

  • Marios Athalakis 4 years ago

    We do know what you mean.


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