No country For Anyone Not Already Here

Published on November 20, 2015

All the GOP candidates have come out against accepting Syrian refugees, but only because it might be a little too cold for them here.

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  • 55sombreroman 4 years ago

    Let’s remove the terrorism aspect from the argument entirely.

    Where are you going to put all these refugees? Are all of you in favor of
    this going to house refugees in your homes? Are we just going to build
    refugee ghetto areas? Will they just live on the street or in tent cities?
    Who is going to pay for it? Can the economy sustain a large influx of
    displaced people? I imagine none of you want the U.S. to get involved in
    another Middle Eastern conflict, so I guess Syria will be abandoned. What
    are you going to do with all the refugees once the Syrian war is over? I
    assume many of you would condemn any politician asking for Syrians to
    return home in the future as racist and heartless. Is it racist to let
    refugees in on the condition that they assimilate to U.S. norms or are we
    to acquiesce to any and all requests by the refugees?

    I know you people are always chomping at the bit to condemn anyone as
    racist, islamophobic, whatever flavor of the week label you have, but this
    issue is more complicated than you all want to believe. I’m sorry it
    doesn’t lend itself to your world view, but some people are against this
    for legitimate reasons.

  • mugdays 4 years ago

    So Syrian Christians are gonna join the KKK?

  • IXM360 4 years ago

    Forgot to capitalise the “C” in country, even refugees arent dropping the
    ball this much

  • André Salazar 4 years ago

    Imagine being a syrian trapped in with ISIS because everyone outside thinks
    you’re with ISIS too. People can be fucking evil, wow

  • Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood 4 years ago

    Listen to me U.S: You break it, you buy it. You broke Iraq, you buy it.
    You’re working on breaking Syria for years, you’ll bet your fat american
    ass, that you’ll buy it and stop being so fucking astonished that there
    will be refugees fleeing all those terrorists that started thriving because
    of a fucking power vacuume that you left behind!!!!!

  • Dustin Therealist 4 years ago

    if ppl would start acting like humans versus all this “murica” feelsy
    bullshit then politics wouldn’t play a role at all ..everybody wants to act
    patriotic all of sudden smh #opportunist

  • smart dude 4 years ago

    i love u stephen! so awesome you are! people like u in US is the reason i
    watch american shows!

  • Mediaright 4 years ago


  • Knowing truth is bliss 4 years ago

    You are awesome!

  • bdarr91 4 years ago

    Colbert crankin the heat.

  • georgsteg 4 years ago

    do not take in any syrian refugees. trust me. i am from germany. dont
    repeat the mistake europe has done.

  • Dr. Marmalade 4 years ago

    So he discredits Syrian Christian refugees to make Muslims refugees look
    like better candidates? Yeah, no, he just made them both look bad.

    What business would a Christian from the Middle East have joining the KKK
    anyways and how did poking fun at their patriarch’s appearance help prove

    This was just terribly done, I feel like he’s never even met a Syrian
    Christian before and now, no one will want to.

    Also he made it sound like those fleeing religious discrimination don’t
    matter when the fact of the matter is, Syrian Christians have been
    discriminated against their whole lives. Don’t get me wrong, Muslims are
    being persecuted as well and are seeking refuge, both Shia and Sunni, but
    why pretend like a Christian family from the Middle East is something to
    fear, that’s just stupid.

  • goheat 4 years ago

    lmao at conservative Christians who blatantly ignore the scripture about
    doing precisely the opposite of what they’re discussing regarding people
    trying to escape foreign lands. cognitive dissonance and admitting you
    follow a superficial cherry picked version OF, lets be clear, OF an
    antiquated belief system riddled with self contradictions must really suck.

  • Bernardo Grando 4 years ago

    Statue of liberty is wearing a burka, destroy it!!!!

  • steez 4 years ago

    I love what he said about Christian refugees

  • Kora Mailbox 4 years ago

    He is still in Colbert Report role

  • Skyler Sands 4 years ago

    It’s really impressive that he can really make something so tragic and
    scary funny. Way to go Stephen.

  • TheAgentAssassin 4 years ago

    Just google Sweden and immigration crisis.

  • Lara G 4 years ago

    Your country and your politicians are the fucking worst

  • InternetExplorers 4 years ago

    Colbert is the best

  • toaster poster 4 years ago

    I happy that a voice like colbert is on network tv.

  • TheShadowKiller97 4 years ago

    And that’s why a lot of people turn to atheism. Politicians are the worst
    Christians EVER

  • fahad alawadi 4 years ago

    he basically ripped Jeb bush a new asshole with that last part

  • TheUnatuber 4 years ago

    Jeb the Joke does it again!

  • alldkid1 4 years ago

    Colbert is my Hero

  • Simz Murth 4 years ago

    Republicans are fucked up in the head. One side they can’t get their racism
    out of their head and on the other side fear mongering by the Fox news.
    It’s hard to be them

  • LLM 81 4 years ago

    Hit the nail on the head!

  • Jock James 4 years ago

    how did it get to this point in the first place? The terrorists said when
    they were attacking Libya that they would send their people along with the
    refugees to launch attacks. this is a known strategy of theirs and we are
    playing right into their hands. on purpose no doubt to take away guns and
    bring in martial law

  • Hurrrrrrrrrrly 4 years ago

    usa should take all refugees for they created isis. deal with it.

  • Belinda Gishnock 4 years ago

    The grocery stores, at least here in the US, is usually filled with food.
    Also, we have a lot of houses and land for sale for people to live in. We
    live in abundance and we are able to share with any refugees that come. We
    are all family, we are all related. Thanksgiving is coming up shortly, so
    let’s be a little nicer to the less fortunate, ok?

  • Dream 4 years ago

    First creating the problem by destroying Iraq, now refusing to alleviate
    the consequences.
    And then wondering why the USA is so unpopular in the world ? American
    Exceptionalism just got another new meaning.

  • Christopher Huffman 4 years ago

    Ted Cruz is an idiot

  • Peter Lustig 4 years ago

    Funny in germany we would call the republicans nazis

  • Zoran Ostojic 4 years ago

    Fuck you and your muslims, you liberal POS.

  • Invalid Login 4 years ago

    There is some logic in accepting Christa refugees first, because they are
    not safe in many of the local Muslim nations like the Muslim refugees would
    be. Of course those nations are not taking any refugees so it is not a
    viable solution.

  • FreaperFTW 4 years ago

    At best you get some extra, cheap work force. At worst they shoot up a
    school, but that’s nothing new over there, so why deny them the chance?

  • Inform The People/#Bernie2016 4 years ago

    Thank you Steven.

  • Kasino80 4 years ago

    “I’m going to make him say Shibboleth

  • MohaAlraed 4 years ago

    lol Muslims in the middle east know about Christianity more than Americans

  • cahill mcguire 4 years ago

    The funny thing is that 94% of terrorist attacks in America are committed
    by non-Muslim’s

  • KungPow123 4 years ago

    America is so fucked. If I lived there, I’d move.

  • Matthew Sarson 4 years ago

    So Europe which is drowning in formerly drowning refugees is willing to let
    in over a million refugees so far this year. But you can’t even take 10,000
    WTF…America lock these people up they pretend to be Christians but won’t
    help children running from Terrorists.

  • Mehdz03 4 years ago

    America is angry at Isis for trying to hurt the west. What’s ironic is the
    fact that America controls these animals.

  • Ruby Doobie 4 years ago

    If you ban refugees from coming then ISIS wins, that’s their intention,
    they want division because their numbers will grow if Muslims are hated by
    the West.

  • Naveen 4 years ago

    BS straw man argument from the liar Colbert. No one is saying not to help
    real refugees. There are other ways that don’t put our security at risk. We
    can help them move them to other stable Middle Eastern nations and it would
    cost less meaning we could save more people. Terrorists slipped into Paris
    posing as refugees, we can’t let it happen here.

  • Naveen 4 years ago

    If I gave you a bowl of chips and said 5% were poisoned, would you eat any?
    No one is saying not to help real refugees. There are other ways that don’t
    put our security at risk. We can help them move them to other stable Middle
    Eastern nations instead of here.

  • Photo Not Available 4 years ago

    Syrian Refugees biggest dilemma…Ice vs Isis.

  • Inner Primate 4 years ago

    If your a Christian you are an idiot period.

  • Naveen 4 years ago

    You don’t lock your door because you hate those outside. You do it because
    you love those inside.

  • Scott Do 4 years ago

    Wow playing his characters or not, THIS is the old Colbert that we all

  • Kamal Abdelbaki 4 years ago

    For gods sake, there are 4 seasons in syria! Its cold as fc#k in winter and
    it snows! Cant believe trump mistakes the gulf for the levant, sad sad sad
    state of affairs

  • Niko Murphy 4 years ago

    I would love to see the Christian test for American christians. most of
    them would fail in a heartbeat.

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    Land of the free – as long as you’re white and love Jesus.

  • Cosmicwafflle 4 years ago

    I can honestly say as a Christian that these presidents are in it purely
    for the right-wing votes. They are giving “Christian” answers, but I bet
    most don’t even know what the gospel is. Jesus commanded us to love our
    enemies and to do good to those who persecute us. Let the dang Syrians come
    to America and if they are terrorists they’ll have a chance to change their
    minds and see that blowing people up is not the way to go. Instead of
    locking them out we should, I don’t know, pray for them?

  • freeebs 4 years ago


  • phoenixnair 4 years ago

    maybe one or two Indian guys with engineering degrees! damn! :D

  • ragna120k 4 years ago

    send the refugees to other arab nations (qatar, UAE, saudi arabia, kuwait,
    bahrain, yemen) etc. problem solved.

  • John Cooper 4 years ago

    WOW – you are far and away the best thing on late night TV. The Jimmy’s are
    funny but you have something to say and are still funny. Colour me
    impressed and a big fan.

  • LogogoFromKeron 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to move out of America.

  • TheAnonJohn 4 years ago

    asafea (ασαφεια) in greek means vagueness :)

  • Yalmai Kazi 4 years ago

    “a man whose hair is a refugee from his scalp, Donald Trump.” – the
    greatest line ever spoken on tv history

  • Sunny Panwar 4 years ago

    What’s with Indian guy with engineering degree?? Does it mean native
    Americans called Indians by Columbus or real Indians??
    I know Columbus sucked at ethnicity of Native Americans.. He is just made
    it more confusing cause Indians is not a race.. North Indians are mostly
    tanned skin Caucasians and South Indians are Negroid or Australioid…

  • Eeshaan Bajpai 4 years ago

    The level of stupidity, close mindedness and intolerance among people
    actually running for the most powerful job in the world is scary.
    Stephen, you’re doing a great job highlighting the ridiculous attitudes of
    men hungry for power. Keep it going.

  • PhantomAct 4 years ago

    2:16 Listen to this retard Hussein Obama… He just doesn’t get why the
    situation has come to this, now does he? From the thousands of Mozlems you
    *already* let in, you got several acts of terrorism (both in US and EU).
    How does allowing more Mozlems in the country reduce the incidence of more
    terrorism?????? Your game is up!! You want more terrorism in USA.

  • Macon Star 4 years ago

    Some really great stuff in this single video lol

  • Ma St 4 years ago

    The USA is a country of immigrants who hate the next generation of

  • Nama Farm 4 years ago

    bold stuff Steven. Wow.

  • Kelly cortesi jones 4 years ago

    Merry Christmas

  • MrAdventureFriends 4 years ago

    The moment this becomes a Christian v Muslim war, that’s when ISIS wins

  • Lintlikr1 4 years ago

    Jeb Bush, just wow.

  • Peter! 4 years ago

    wait so a week after some terrorist attacks in a country hundreds of miles
    away and congress already passes a bullshit law?? goddamn.. the US
    government gets too much shit done. like, do you even hold discussions on
    these things???

  • Daniel Elijah 4 years ago

    incase suddenly America seems stupid…women, and children also are used as
    suicide bombers

  • Peter! 4 years ago

    you know how much shit poland got after they declared that they only wanted
    christian refugees? if the US was bordering france and spain, there would
    be a fence on both sides by now. trust me.

  • cdismufasa 4 years ago

    The Christian-conservative opposition to foreigners in our country is
    especially concerning since from the Old Testament to the New, God tells
    Christians to accept and welcome aliens into their country AND to treat
    them well. Moreover, Christian theology teaches that Christians are
    “citizens of heaven” and “foreigners on earth”, which should make the
    thought of welcoming foreigners into their country a pretty easy
    transition. Pretty disturbing and hypocritical that this is not happening.
    Nice segment Stephen.

  • Maswerty “Swabby” Hill 4 years ago

    KKK isn’t Christian

  • Futrix 4 years ago

    The French are accepting refugees even after the latest attack. I think it
    is time we just go ahead and give them back the Statue of Liberty. They
    deserve it more than we do.

  • Richard Ghazal 4 years ago

    For a cheap chuckle, Stephen Colbert ridicules a persecuted minority.
    Doesn’t get much lower than that.

    The premise to his satire is that “a guy like that” would not fit into
    American society any more than a Muslim cleric. What Colbert probably
    doesn’t know is that the Syriac Patriarch previously served as Archbishop
    of the Eastern United States for nearly two decades.

    He left the comfort and safety of the United States to answer a calling to
    serve where he’s needed most, in war-torn Syria.

    Moreover, since their first arrival in the United States (beginning over a
    century ago), Syriac Christians have integrated well, and continue to
    contribute to American society, and their local communities, as leaders in
    business, public service, medicine, and the arts.

    And to supply the answer that Jeb failed to provide: You can distinguish
    Christians buy looking at their Syrian government issued documentation, or
    documentation that they are members of a church. 

  • Aaron Jaeger 4 years ago

    The satire is hilarious.

  • This Guy 4 years ago

    Mexico would be a perfect place for them, nice and warm.

  • Fernando Herrera 4 years ago

    So is anyone going to mention the fact that the terrorist attack committed
    in France were by neither Syrians nor refugees?

  • DFed324 4 years ago


  • apoorvswarup 4 years ago

    one or two indian guys with engineering degrees :P

  • John D 4 years ago

    God the republican nominees are stupid!!!

  • This Guy 4 years ago

    I’m for accepting REAL refugees, but any able bodies man should stay in
    Syria and fight for their country.

  • carschmn 4 years ago

    Minnesota has a really high Hmong and Somali population. They survive the
    winter just fine.

  • ThunderChunky77 4 years ago

    Fuck the refugees and fuck anyone else wanting to exploit our soil.

    You fucking liberals. This is a bowl filled with 10,000 m&m’s and only 20
    of them are lethal. Which one of you bleeding heart cunts is going in for
    the first hand full?

  • SpyMonkey3D 4 years ago

    Well, you could try to make them eat pork…

    I could totally see any of the Republican candidate proposing to make every
    refugee eat bacon before entering the country.

  • dc44indy 4 years ago

    Why are all the Republican candidates complete morons? When did Republican
    Americans lose all common sense?

  • CIRCLECIX 4 years ago

    Actually, some of the republicans did say they don’t want the child
    refugees either.

  • Nick Hackett 4 years ago

    “if I gave you 10 grapes and told you 2 were poisoned, would you eat any
    grapes? how is this any different with refugees?” one terrorist is one
    terrorist too many

  • Janet “Jamie” White 4 years ago

    Buy a teddy bear and nightlight for the guys who voted for this nonsense

  • AxelQC 4 years ago

    I know lots of Lebanese who are perfectly happy living in frigid Montréal.

  • Heather M 4 years ago

    wow, very smart humour in this one!

  • OtakuD50 4 years ago

    The answer is obvious. Accept Syrian refugees into the country and keep
    them all in Alaska.


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