No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren’t “Immigrants”: The Daily Show

Published on March 8, 2017

After Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson refers to African slaves as “immigrants,” Trevor gives him a lesson in semantics.

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  • Gene Green 8 months ago

    They were forcibly kidnaped, raped and tortured by slave owners! They were owned by their masters which makes them automatically American citizens! Just as if they were adopted children!

  • Debra Mccrimon 7 months ago


  • DAMIAN BANTILAN 7 months ago

    Funny how BLACKS in America who make a LIVING WAGE and own a HOUSE seem they are BETTER or on the same level as WHITES, outside of the major urban areas they will always be looked at like the rest of NON-WHITES as a LOWER CLASS.

  • Loni Harr 7 months ago

    Ben Carson needs to crawl into a grave seriously

  • Lady J 7 months ago

    Ben lost his mind

  • Sherry Berry 7 months ago

    Did Ben forget he’s black and thought if he accumulated enough money for being a brain surgeon and also hung out with 45 that he was white.

  • R John 7 months ago

    Trevor Noah for president!

  • Ariana Grande iced latte 7 months ago

    He reminds me of a very famous Korean male comedian who said korean female sex slaves (who are now so old that only a few are with us) were prostitute getting paid by Japanese soldiers.

  • omika love 7 months ago

    Our government has become a big ass joke now. I’ve never wish for time to fly more than I do now. So ready for 2020.

  • Intelligent human 7 months ago

    Dressing Ben Carson as doctor strange is GENIUS!!!

  • lilahdog 568 7 months ago

    It’s worse because a black guy said it. like wtf

  • Todd Maek 7 months ago

    Hey lets not forget that OBAMA himself tried to say this same shit too. They are BOTH on the take of trying to marginalize the plight of descendants of american slavery..

  • Bhavya Tripathi 7 months ago

    Takes out dictionary . Taps on phone “siri is slave an immigrant”

  • fanaka emil 7 months ago

    That white ppl joke got me lol

  • L. M. 7 months ago

    Trevor’s right, because Africans were taken against their own will, they aren’t considered immigrants. Now the Europeans, those mothafuckers are the true immigrants/illegal aliens of North America.

  • Abou Traore 7 months ago

    So black people should thank white people, otherwise blacks would still eating banana leaves I’m Africa

  • Comfort Prince 7 months ago

    The twerking analogy was super 😂😂👌👌

  • D-4ortune 7 months ago

    1:21 guy in the middle

  • David Beaulieu 6 months ago

    Young dont win Republican dips we get hurt no coverage jobs aren’t giving coverage I hate you. Medicare for all 32 trillion as opposed to 60 trillion of we do nothing you save no weekly premium no 1000 dollar deductible no copay everyone covered like every other advanced country. No rationing care based on how rich you are. Duck Republicans. Justice Democrats progressive reform. Doofus out of office.

  • m Sanders 6 months ago

    ..that their azz are historically disadvantaged..lmao..I luv Trevor..funny man!


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