Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Game of Thrones Finale, Fans & Emmys

Published on September 20, 2019

Nikolaj talks about the “Game of Thrones” finale, their devoted fans, Bubba Fest, Chuck Norris, being nominated for an Emmy up against Peter Dinklage, his chances of winning, being on a group text chain with his “Game of Thrones” castmates, and reuniting with them this weekend at the Emmys.

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  • Michael Beasley 9 months ago

    GoT season 8 was rediculous and poor Nicolai knows it, but probably had to sign something abt not talking negatively abt the series or he’ll lose money on the back end. Jimmy definitely thinks it sucked or he wouldn’t have asked the question to begin with. Jimmy would have agreed with Nicolai no matter what he thought of the ending. As for winning an Emmy, nothing abt the final season, except effects and set design, deserves to even be nominated. The cast would have been worthy, but D&D wrote that awesome cast into oblivion. The amazing character arcs wonderfully developed for 7 seasons, were nullified.

  • Michael Holmgaard 9 months ago

    He should be the next James Bond

  • Zackery White 9 months ago

    Why does Jimmy say “SirSay”? lmaoo

  • Rafaela Pilidou 9 months ago

    Are you Jamie fookin Lannister?

  • amal zuhair 9 months ago

    I’m still not over it ?

  • Creepy TeeBee 9 months ago

    hot guy

  • Andrew McDonald 9 months ago

    Truly a phenomenal actor. So good he almost had me convinced he was pleased with GOT’s ending… almost…

  • Trevor Estrada 9 months ago

    Oh so that’s his name

  • Threepwoot 9 months ago

    That fan at the airport was spot on tho..
    still it’s not the actor’s fault, why don’t you invite D&D and ask them about it. They’ll probably say it was pitch perfect, couldnt have been better, why not 25 Emmys.

  • Screen-A- Leader 9 months ago

    “I thought the ending was great”
    How much was he paid to say this?

  • 1Chasg 9 months ago

    It was interesting what he said about fan convention stuff and monetisation.

  • Stylianos Maimaris 9 months ago

    I find it hard to believe that he thought the ending was “great”. I myself thought it was just average, 6ish/10, given that the story was within reason but never given enough time to develop. To each their own though.

  • bihari babu 9 months ago

    If we’re him, I would just say ” I did it for money” that’s it

  • LORD HUMAMOS 9 months ago

    He have a hand ?

  • Sundas Rafique 9 months ago

    Please let Nikaloj speak Jimmy

  • Yourlegaladdiction 9 months ago

    Daddy Lannister

  • John Gulotta 9 months ago

    Missing in action

  • Bikrant Anand 9 months ago

    Awwwww….it’s okay we’re just joking ???

  • Isco 9 months ago

    u cant swear on a disney owned motion capture whether on tv or film…

  • Abhishake Subedi 9 months ago

    His role in shot caller is underrated.


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