Nikki Glaser on Looking Like Seth’s Twin and Kicking Her Dad Out of Her Stand-Up Show

Published on July 19, 2022

Nikki Glaser talks about how she and Seth look alike, moving back home with her parents in St. Louis and her new stand-up special Good Clean Filth.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Victor 6 months ago

    “I have makeup on.” Yes, so does Seth, this is a TV show.

  • Christopher 6 months ago

    I’m glad that she apparently branched out in her new special and is talking about sex for once

  • Durtyrice 6 months ago

    They do look like siblings

  • Ana Maria Guadayol 6 months ago

    Seth…😧 Me thinks thee likes her too much. Leaning forward and everything. Think of your wife, child!

  • Mike Schwartz 6 months ago

    there’s a palpable desperation in her i find relatable.

  • jeaniebird 6 months ago

    You forgot your bra? I thought you forgot your pants…

    Still hot, though. Looks like one of my nightmares, except for the being hot part.

    EDIT: Fun fact – I finally stopped having those dreams when I realized no one ever seems to care, in the dream, so I decided to stop caring (about being half naked, in public) and sure enough, never had one of those dreams, since!

  • pcaul 6 months ago

    Very talented comedian, its a shame the hatred that female comedians get just by existing because insecure men feel threatened by success

  • oldsmegg head 6 months ago

    Two incredibly unfunny people but that’s what we have too put up with these days because they are apparently on the right side of history.

  • Thailand Ric 6 months ago

    Nikki is on fire! What energy Seth and Nikki looking alike , yes Nelson brothers with less hair for sure

  • Jack Moore 6 months ago

    Awks when he said the special is on netflix instead of hbo

  • Phil Robichaud 6 months ago

    One of my fav comics, i’m sure they had to look hard to find a clip of her standup that was suitable for television lol

  • Michael Emond 6 months ago

    Nikki is actually a world class pitcher with an 80 mph cutter that breaks left and is impossible to hit.
    She just threw that bad for comedic effect.

  • Plague Tree 6 months ago

    Great infterview with a great comedian!

  • KamInBim 6 months ago

    Was Seth so drunk day drinking with Rihanna that he forgot his Fenty face? 🤣🤣

  • jade 6 months ago

    Correction! How dare Seth forget he did makeup (specifically eye makeup) with THEE RIHANNA on day drinking?

  • baileycaful 6 months ago

    Nikki is on fire! I can tell Seth is relieved that he doesn’t have to work hard to make an interview entertaining. However, cannot find her show on Peacock …

  • blue bird 6 months ago

    The things she says evokes some pretty interesting reactions from the audience

  • Gary Dunion 6 months ago

    Her wind-up looked good! I bet she could get a decent still of that and try to forget the throw.

  • Mister Potato 6 months ago

    Let me save you the trouble; “I’m not only a shook ass, bully ass, lonely ass, entitled ass, insignificant ass, lunchbox full of gym socks, I also really hate women.” That’s what it’s like in the comments. Just bounce. Save yourself.

  • Laura Q 6 months ago

    This was a really fun interview and now I want to go watch her special.


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