Nicolle Wallace Thinks Kamala Harris Has Something That Scares Trump

Published on January 30, 2019

Nicolle Wallace speculates on how the Trump administration is preparing for the State of the Union, and she talks about Nancy Pelosi’s legislative acumen and what Senator Kamala Harris has that scares Trump.

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  • Ro G 1 year ago

    Nicolle Wallace reminds me of that older sister of one of your high school buddies, who bought you beer as long as you made sure to recycle the cans afterwards.

  • Pam Timmins 1 year ago

    Nicole is so smart and fun to watch, she knows what she is talking about. I agree with Rosie O’Donnell and the audience “Mitch McConnell boooooo”! I love Nancy Pelosi though, she is not intimidated or afraid of Trump like McConnell is.

  • Smooth Sounds Of Jazz 1 year ago

    people need to ask why is the mainstream media pushing Kamala Harris onto us. she has a horrible record with criminal justice.

  • Jennifer Lynn 1 year ago

    As a viewer of The View, found the admission both she & Rosie were baited to argue & when they didn’t got fired instead, interesting.

  • Lex Nuss 1 year ago

    Tuesday will be Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig. Year of the Dog will be over. Donald is a Dog year person as was W and Bubba. Arf! Oink!

  • kevin dolan 1 year ago

    Stop using Trump to rehabilitate Bush. They are both war criminals who should be shot.

  • jubbles23 1 year ago

    Kamala Harris is just as terrible of a person as anyone on the Right. Seriously. Don’t take anyone’s words for it, go look her up and see the horror of a woman who didn’t try to punish those who tampered with evidence, and helped with people being getting out of their wrongful convictions. She was a terrible person. Don’t fucking listen to Nicolle, and please, don’t let anyone who supports her, sway you.

  • Francis Vincent Ong 1 year ago

    The bar is so low right now for US President, even a turd demon would smell like daisies following Donald Trump.

  • Invert Your Cross 1 year ago

    Stop pushing the establishment you will lose again. We don’t want her, or gillibrand or booker or any of that corrupt bullshit. I must have missed the Bernie and Elizabeth warren plug.

  • Pewdiepie Is clown 1 year ago

    Vote for kamala harris……. She gonna lock up Trump in Jail if get elected…

  • You Know 1 year ago

    Not only she scares Trump, the Russian trolls are already in full force against her! ?

  • Jason Faulkner 1 year ago

    Sorry Nicolle, Pelosi isn’t single-handedly holding the Dems together. More its a general loathing of Trumpublicanism that keeps them on the same page. The Dems also know the vast majority who vote for Dem fear Trump getting elected, or for that matter, fear him even getting legislative traction. For that reason alone the Dems will stay united against him until the primaries.

  • To Be Honest 1 year ago

    a law degree? She’s a prosecutor
    Fear of jail 😉

  • An Po 1 year ago

    It seems everyone is getting on board with the propaganda.

  • kimberly s 1 year ago

    I agree with Nicole… I’d prefer the _West Texas Girl_ over DUMP.

  • SittingOnAPorch 1 year ago

    Lol- I know the more recent example is the inaugural crowd, but can we go back to the beginning? He had to HIRE people to fill seats at his tiny candidacy announcement. And Harris, Warren, and Sanders can each yawn and get 5-10,000 people at an earlier time in the process. If crowd size scares him, buckle up buttercup.

  • Inspodreams 1 year ago

    Sherrod Brown 2020

  • kenna163 1 year ago


  • MD Rahman 1 year ago

    Ya because she was a cop

  • Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn 1 year ago

    Nicolle Wallace’s laugh is so annoying beyond belief…….only kamala harris’ laugh comes close to being this annoying!


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