Nicolle Wallace Says Trump’s Base Thinks He’s a Loser

Published on January 30, 2019

Nicolle Wallace talks about what Donald Trump’s base thinks about his role in the government shutdown battle, shares her take on Roger Stone and talks about Chris Christie’s attempt to re-enter the public arena.

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  • txmoney 1 year ago

    When Chris Christie is looking kinda, barely, possibly good next to Trump with Conservatives, then you know this presidency has gone off the rails.

  • kenna163 1 year ago

    *I* also think he’s a loser.

  • T-1 1 year ago

    This is what journalistic integrity looks like.

  • simon says 1 year ago

    Nicole Wallacce is funnier than the guy asking her questions lol

  • David Guelette 1 year ago

    Trump’s a racist trumps a loser,yet the base sticks to him like super glue to a monkeys ass

  • R.J. O 1 year ago

    That woman served as a PR operative in the Bush White House during the run-up to the war in Iraque. She was a willing aide to a bunch of war criminals who started an illegal war based on fake evidence that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and set the Middle East ablaze – so she is pretty much the worst thing a human being can be. Don’t climb on the ridiculous bandwaggon that the media has been rolling out in the past two years of redeeming the criminals of the Bush era by constructing a silly contrast in the way “well compared to Trump the old conservatives were not that bad….”. Just because the current occupant of the White House is a repugnant figure, a vile vugarian, a heap of walking haggis with an atrocious personality, doesn’t change the fact that those guys were criminals. And as disgusting as Trump is – he is (so far at least) not responsible for nearly as many innocent people dying as Bush and his entourage, including this hideous broad, are.

  • will crow 1 year ago

    How thinly would you have to shave that fat ass Christie to find a waddling, arrogant, ignorant Trump underneath?

  • Mr. Precedent 1 year ago

    Well… they can’t really be as stupid as they seem. Can they?

  • Howard Kerr 1 year ago

    When are folks going to learn, Chump DOESN’T negotiate with people. All he does is start with bullying and name calling, moves on to calling people by a nasty nickname, then if that doesn’t work….PRETENDS to ignore them.
    Chump refuses to learn that political negotiations are quite different from real estate negotiations. If you don’t get what you want in politics you can’t just move on. Eventually you will have to compromise.

  • KesselRunner606 1 year ago

    I grow weary of saying this, but here we go again:


  • avantgardeaclue 1 year ago

    who the hell is this???

  • cmejia305 1 year ago

    Wow she’s hot

  • sulufest 1 year ago

    She’s so hawt. ?
    She could talk politics with me all night. ☺️

  • Steven Deaville 1 year ago

    Trump’s base think he’s a loser? Well, they’d know, they see one in the mirror every morning.

  • grakkerful 1 year ago

    I really hope the tape delay the State of the Union speech and do the fact bubble checking thing.

  • Rembrandt Q. Einstein 1 year ago

    As much as I dislike 45. I dont think his base is capable of disliking him. They’ll rally behind him and vote for him again. Although I hope I am wrong

  • C W 1 year ago

    You would know corrupt Nicole. The admin you lied for… holy crap.

  • tomb613 1 year ago

    It’s so disturbing watching millionaires laughing about the people who are igniting the fire that sets the world ablaze…… were just gonna crack jokes while the world burns…..I get better news from comedians than I do from main stream media!! If this life isn’t some PS7 game we forget as soon as we are playing than we are in deep doo doo.

  • True Tech 1 year ago

    Monold Trimp is a grabbyhands gramps type of greedy narcissistic sociopath.

  • the village idiot 1 year ago

    America is earths comedy network ??


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