Nicolle Wallace Refuses to Broadcast Trump Live

Published on July 17, 2019

Nicolle Wallace explains how she avoids repeating the “hate and lies” that come out of the White House, the importance of calling Trump’s tweet racist and keeping up with her contacts in the White House.

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  • Matt Coombes 11 months ago

    Posture on point

  • seanys 11 months ago

    OMG! They’ve taken, at the very least, 3 f*cking years to figure out that rebroadcasting Drumpf is what he wants?!?

  • Faye Toliver 11 months ago

    Thanks Nicole for all your Guts to do and say the right thing!!!!
    The last decent Republican! Love your show!

  • C Charles 11 months ago

    Thank you Nicole for NOT airing live trump and for admitting it’s self preservation! I am taking a break from the news to save my sanity. he likes to watch those who disagree with everything he spews run around and debate it. At the same time his loyal followers just lap it up!

  • Civil Villain 11 months ago

    Where was the audience?? Nicolle Wallace is one of the most engaging, well spoken, and plain speaking people out there.
    She’s awesome!

  • Bryan Taylor 11 months ago

    I can’t wait to hear that President Rapey Racist has died in his prison cell.

  • Moe 11 months ago

    Why wasn’t Trump kicked off Twitter for racist and misogynist comments? I thought they claimed to have standards and a policy against racist attacks. BOYCOTT TWITTER, it’s a cesspool.

  • ATR Unlimited 11 months ago

    I’m glad the late night shows are back from vacation,
    Remember back when the headliners took time off and offered others
    The opportunity to step in and continued creating CONTENT?

  • Jerry Smith 11 months ago

    She is a breath of fresh air she tells it like it is Dump Trump FIGHT HATE

  • 1Tomrider 11 months ago

    This is in the same family as many law enforcement entities that won’t use the name of the person(s) responsible for a crime that has notoriety written all over it. Sure, tRump’s Tweets are vile, but there’s way more going on with him that’s much worse. We need to keep our eyes on the ball!

  • Monk Amani 11 months ago

    Trump was everything but a child of God, when running for the Oval. Now he the Overlord.

  • Madison Marshall 11 months ago

    The Republican Party is now the Nazi Party. I will never look at a republican again without thinking that they are a Nazi.

  • PerthTowne 11 months ago

    I agree with her not showing/reading Trump’s tweets or taking his statements live. None of it is worthy of attention, and just gives the hate and stupidity publicity, which is what he wants.

  • Scott MacDonald 11 months ago

    It’s like know one know TRUMP. This man was know for putting 8 next to names of people trying to rent Apartments. To find out that this was code for black people that they didn’t want living in their apartment.

  • Debate Me! 11 months ago

    Just me or she sounds a bit ditzy sometimes

  • Robert Bigelow 11 months ago

    Why have late shows become a political platform for bashing Trump? I do not watch any of them anymore, same goes for CNN. How about the Smollet case, wasn’t that a form of rascism? Yeah big made up lie. By the way Seth, you are annoying and Trump in 2020

  • catalinacurio 11 months ago

    Big fan Nicolle, even more so now. ?

  • 前橋みき 11 months ago

    One of the best in the business along with Fared CNN-essential watching

  • jukey 11 months ago

    Nicole Wallace, you are a hero! Thank you for not airing the garbage from the right! I LOVE watching your news show!!

  • Sean Peters 11 months ago



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