Nicolle Wallace On Trump’s Casual Cruelty – CONAN on TBS

Published on April 24, 2018

Nicolle knows how badly Trump treats people, and she now thinks it’s catching up to him at warp speed.

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  • You Tube 10 months ago

    andy was too quiet.

  • Exoviv 10 months ago


  • Daniel Santamaria 10 months ago

    Love conan, u cure my depression

  • You Tried It! 10 months ago

    lol dana interrupted her whole interview

  • someguy403 10 months ago

    Lets bash trump again, hurr durr

  • anupam chatterjee 10 months ago

    Donald Trump should be on Conan, that would be a fun interview or at least I hope #TeamCoco reads this comment and do a segment about him and he sees it and then tweets something “smart” and then Conan replies with another segment and Trump fires back cause why not & then few weeks from now I realize it all happened cause I commented something for the first time on youtube.

  • john smith 10 months ago

    Talking badly about our President is talking badly about our country. ..the topics are old and embarrassing now like these actor’s. actor’s,President Trump is still a Human being And has done alot of good for our country considering the bias media and slew of loser actor’s and talk show host who jump in the trump bashing ban wagon.


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