Nicolle Wallace on Being an Anti-Trump Republican

Published on June 22, 2017

Host of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Nicolle Wallace shares her thoughts on the damage Trump’s presidency is doing to the Republican party and what White House press briefings have in common with Seinfeld.

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  • Nathan Hails 9 months ago

    am I first?

  • Nancy Mesek 9 months ago

    Nicole Wallace surprises me that she’s still a republican. She way too sane for the party.

  • Dawn Di Eigidio 9 months ago

    Love Nicole Wallace. Wish they’d put her back on the View and get rid of Jedediah. Nicole knows how to speak and act dignified and always seems to be fair and honest.

  • Sixto Torres 9 months ago

    This lady seems on point.

  • Colon Powell 9 months ago

    She worked enthusiastically for Bush 43. Do I need to say more?

  • emmaelizabeth 9 months ago

    No big on republicans but this lady seems smart and fair. I like her.

  • nsi pnsi 9 months ago

    Woweee, someone with backbone. It’s like the world is ending.

  • Ann Nee 9 months ago

    I have little admiration for Republicans anyway but even less for female ones… men trying to keep women down I kinda get even though I don’t agree with it, but women doing the same thing I find hard to fathom.

  • 2theOmega 9 months ago

    I’ve always loved her. The view made a huge fail in letting her go. She was so refreshing. I didn’t hate Elisabeth, and I actually like Jedidiah, but nicolle was a gem

  • R R 9 months ago

    Nicole Wallace supported the Iraq war, patriot act, waterboarding, Guantanamo, and funding cuts to planned parenthood. Yes she is anti Trump. Yet she is still just as bad as the rest of them.

  • Simon Stebbins 9 months ago

    I love her description of Sean Spicer’s job as “Seinfeld meets the White House”. He hosts press conferences about nothing!

  • joe 9 months ago

    When I see damage through rose colored glasses, everything comes up daisies.


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