Nicolle Wallace: My Parents Think Donald Trump Belongs On Mt. Rushmore

Published on November 14, 2019

Nicolle Wallace, host of “Deadline White House” on MSNBC, spends time with people who have many different opinions about the President, and she has found a way to live with the discord. #Colbert #NicolleWallace #Impeachment

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  • Fatema Shushmita 5 months ago

    1st ?

  • KB24sTaTuS 5 months ago

    its nice hearing things over and over again for the last 4 years

  • Ro G 5 months ago

    Nicolle Wallace is your friend’s dope mom who lets you drink beers in the basement as long as you’re sure to recycle the cans before dad gets home.

  • Hmoobgai 5 months ago

    Yeah right like his fat and ugly face would fit

  • The Outlier 5 months ago

    Nicole Wallace = News Goddess. ? My parents also worship Dumb Donnie and the GOP accepting anything they say bar none.

  • Abc Def 5 months ago

    Donald the Dumpster would be right at home at Mount Vesuvius – right before it erupted!! ???

  • Alter Schwede 5 months ago

    I think Donald Trump belongs on Mt Rushmore too, on its highest peak nailed to a cross. God forgives him for not using a brain because god never gave him one.

  • Dump Chump 5 months ago

    Maybe Chump should be on Mount Rushmore, only not sculpted, but locked up in the vault deep inside the mountain, where he can’t do any more damage to the country.

  • morbido13 5 months ago


  • pd kama 5 months ago

    That burn (0:42) that went unnoticed

  • eYeKeepsitReal 5 months ago

    Imagine an orange Mt Rushmore


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