Nicolle Wallace Calls Out Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Trump’s Republican Enablers

Published on January 7, 2021

Nicolle Wallace talks about the violent insurrection in the United States Capitol and Trump’s Republican enablers.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Gixxerfast 2 years ago

    Rafael “Ted” Cruz aspires to be an american quisling

  • Jaikee Berlin 2 years ago

    Make no mistake. Trump IS a fascist and his supporters ARE fascists.
    They aren’t republicans, they aren’t radicals, they aren’t patriots, they ARE fascists.
    Greetings from Germany ( identify them NOW so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way as we did)

  • Curtis Kimbrough 2 years ago

    Ms. Nicole Wallace the name for people such as Mr. HAWLEY And.other like him Ted Cruz and many other “EDUCATED FOOL,S.RENEGADE 101ST.

  • Ina Brungart 2 years ago

    Seth I learned a long time ago.
    maybe you could do a closer look. Thanks Seth and all the people that make us laugh

  • Jeremy Dunn 2 years ago

    Trump is prepared to see America burn if he is no longer President…
    Wake up America..

  • killerloop05 2 years ago

    I’m from Germany and travelling often to America. You cannot take a bottle of water with you into an airplane but what I saw yesterday was just insane. I never thought this could happen in America.

  • Henning 2 years ago

    Trump should be removed from office yesterday.

  • Pierre Blattner 2 years ago

    Just incredible to hear this talking, even outside of America we could see what was going on wrong in the States, but your just blind and wouldn’t see it, so you just deserve what happened now!

  • Eleanor McCarthy 2 years ago

    From the UK 🇬🇧 trump should be arrested for a coup attempt

  • Alvaro Valdovinos 2 years ago

    In my head…Trump activated his demons the way Charles Manson released his monsters.

  • Pat Wats 2 years ago

    Trump OUT now

  • Ja Nein 2 years ago

    Presidents usually say something to the effect of “I am honored to serve you.” Trump said effectively : “You are so honored to have me as the President.”

  • xxJOKeR75xx 2 years ago

    The Media’s biggest fault in this isn’t dismissing things Trump said as BS but spending hours discussing it as if it might actually be fact.

  • Faktor114 2 years ago

    Journalists in the US should shoulder the blame for the the rise of Trump. All they care about is clickbait to sell advertising and Trump was a godsend to them. If anything they wanted him to succeed for their own benefit.

  • Mephiston001 2 years ago

    Trump needs to be gone today, if they want to show us they are serious, invoke the 25th then impeach Trump immediately

  • Ben 2 years ago

    6:57 Case in point: Josh used “irregardless” in his floor speech, which is impressive (/s) for someone who apparently taught at Oxford.

  • Vanessa Starr 2 years ago

    What a great interview.

  • M 50 2 years ago

    Sling enough FAKE bullshit around and some is going to stick TRUMP started from day 1 with the fake news now its fake votes, Trump is a Horrible orange mess who started all that Trouble yesterday him and his Family urged people on so whats next ?????????????

  • Ruth Brown 2 years ago

    Hawley’s father paid the University to get him in just like Donnie Diaper.

  • Pia Andrew 2 years ago

    After all he did and say over 75 millon of american vote for him what happen yesterday is the end resuilt


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