Nick Woodman Went Surfing And Came Home A Billionaire

Published on October 15, 2015

CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman stopped by to talk about how he created the company and to punch Stephen’s billionaire card.

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  • TheStormfall 5 years ago

    Bring back “The Word” please. That was the biggest reason i watched the
    Report. Might feel bit “dictating” for a late night show, but i’m sure you
    can find a way.

  • The Libyan Atheist 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016

  • omfgh0m0 5 years ago

    who were the other billionaires? elon musk ofc but I dont think uber
    creator or the multiple actor/actress/writer/politicians were billionaires

  • spacemansabs 5 years ago

    That new camera looks a lot like the Polaroid cube that came out a few
    years ago. Suspicious.

  • Wall OfNoise 5 years ago

    Wow we get to see the inside of the Ed Sullivan theater from the vantage
    point of the host himself.. techmology, amirite gaiz?

  • Scramblieggs 5 years ago

    I went on a surfing trip once… I came back with herpes.

  • Idalen Samslin 5 years ago

    Wow he went from a van to a billionaire by encasing a small camera in
    plastic so it doesn’t break as water touches it. Pewdiepie is a millionaire
    by playing games and acting like he’s 12. Meanwhile my father breaks his
    back building houses for people to live in and he gets 15 dollars an hour.
    Life is just not fair, somebody do something please.

  • rialene92 5 years ago

    6 billionaires already ? .,.wow.. !

  • D. Black 5 years ago

    That guy has a million dollar billionaire smile. Rawr.

  • SpeedKills 5 years ago

    Wow Andy from The Office got tan

  • General Shamic 5 years ago

    he looks like hugh grant!

  • ThunderChunky77 5 years ago

    In before the libtard commies call this guy evil. He is white and rich so
    he must have raped a few babies and burned down a dozen rain forests along
    the way.

  • Youaltubex 5 years ago

    he’s a billionaire? suddenly he looks more attractive

  • jkbubbly 5 years ago

    Really wish we could have had the POV view of being water drunk by Stephen


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