New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Invites Stephen Colbert To Visit Her Country

Published on September 26, 2019

Our host gets a surprise visit from the leader of New Zealand, who invites him to visit her country next month! #Colbert #NewZealand #JacindaArdern

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  • Gilly 2 years ago

    Soy Land

  • RedondoBeach2 2 years ago

    Colbert gets an invitation. Trump does not. Love it.

  • The Sinister Minister 2 years ago

    I think if she spent less time building her public profile and actually keeping her promises to the people of NZ she might be ok……..but since NZ has the lowest carbon footprint in the world maybe she should actually be here getting people housed and fed?…..

  • Callum Alvins 2 years ago

    Make sure you come to queenstown and get thrown of a bridge youll love it

  • Allan Koia 2 years ago

    She’s our favorite gem ?

  • Ugapiku 2 years ago

    And so Colbert became a conan xDD

  • JOhnny JOhnny 2 years ago

    Jacinda what are you doing to make New Zealand move towards climate action?

  • andrew johnston 2 years ago

    She is an inspiration to us down under. So very refreshing compared to the last stale, old fashioned lot. New day, new way and it’s great. Nice to see with actions, that caring and sharing is ok within the political sphere. Love living in New Zealand under her leadership and our current government, long may it last.

  • nick pearce 2 years ago

    If he comes to visit she won’t be in New Zealand. She is always overseas trying to save the world while her own country has all sorts of problems. Ppfft.

  • Jordz4213 2 years ago

    I’m a kiwi she came to my school it was pretty cool seeing her haha

  • YourMajesty 2 years ago

    Left wing Liberal Democrats are such perverted creeps

  • wpl 2 years ago

    After the massacre that happened in New Zealand they immediately passed gun control laws and she said that it was a good thing New Zealand didn’t have the 2nd amendment. Folks, we don’t have to have the 2nd amendment either. Does anyone remember what happened to the 18th amendment? It was repealed by the 21st amendment. Why? Because it led to rampant illegality, crime and violence. It took only 14 years to figure that out. The 2nd amendment was ratified on December 15th 1791. That was nearly 228 years ago. It has led to rampant illegality, crime and violence. Not only that, it is the only amendment with an explanation for it. “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state”. So in order to protect the country and the states in it militias were formed by the states made up of regular citizens. But 228 years later we have protection for the country and the states in it through the United States Military, National Guard, DHS, State and Local police and therefore have no need for militias at all. Therefore the security need for private citizens to have a right to gun ownership to protect the states and the country is moot. It’s been moot for about 200 years. (by 1824 we had both a standing army and a national guard) Because the 2nd amendment has led to rampant illegality, crime and violence and because the need stated for it hasn’t existed in 200 years, we should repeal the 2nd amendment and change gun ownership from a right to a privilege. Instead of a well regulated militia we need a well regulated system of gun ownership. Only in that way can we make our country safer from gun violence.

  • Blindysheep 2 years ago

    Go jacinda yeahya

  • Kevin Mcgue 2 years ago

    I went to see New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup in Yokohama and she was there, chilling.

  • Adrian Barbuio 2 years ago

    This is one of the most surreal moments I have seen on the internet

  • IPEE FREELY 2 years ago

    Kiwi here and she is a fraudulent liar who is hopefully a one term prime minster.We have a major house crisis in which she failed to met her targets and had the highest intake of immigrants on record this year,not only that this scumbag is signing us up to the UN global totalitarian state policy.

  • mikey bump 2 years ago

    She is fucking awesome! Our Aussie PM is a fucking tool

  • Conny Bartels 2 years ago

    Again a woman who is more worth and intelligent than most of the men in power.

  • climb_eat_live 2 years ago

    So. You’re gonna take me with you right Stephen? ?

  • Max Otto 2 years ago

    please don’t come here colbert

    we don’t need your cancer here


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