New York District Attorney Obtains Trump’s Tax Returns

Published on February 26, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, February 25.

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  • icy purple 8 months ago

    i thought the NYT already had them

  • Tahtahme's Diary 8 months ago

    Okay my fellow Murikanz! Let’s pretend we are a community that knows what we are doing… Disney style!

  • New Message 8 months ago

    Does the IRS have a Russian translator just for Donnie’s taxes, though?

  • New Message 8 months ago

    When you play strip poker with Cuomo, do you play with a 26 card deck?

  • BILL MURRAY 8 months ago

    Glad to hear Seth throw a little
    shade on the Democrats
    along with Republicans.
    No One should be spared now.

  • Dusssss 8 months ago

    Can we just leave Trump out of every monologue now that he is no longer a president? I mean, there is so much happening in the world and by just focussing on trump you give him more power and the attention he craves. Focus on more important things, like the military coup in Myanmar, concentration camps and genocide of Uighurs in China, the US attacks in Syria, mass kidnappings in Nigeria, Indian farmer protests, Australian Facebook struggles, etc. The world is more than just trump. I know it takes some time to adjust after 5 years of having an instant news character, but please start looking outside.

  • Tonya Richards 8 months ago

    Neither Cruz nor Cornyn are joining President Biden on his trip through Texas to survey the storm damage.
    Because of course they aren’t.
    Y’all gonna stay red down there? Lol

  • snagh 8 months ago

    Since Trump is unemployed now , does he deserve a stimulus check ?

  • teresa tall 8 months ago

    I really really like sand. Can’t get enough sand.
    What you might say to convince someone you have an affection for sand.

  • halflanding 1 8 months ago

    You should cover fewer items in depth than giving a bland digest.

  • Quantumese Boy 8 months ago

    Good luck peeing your way through a snow in Canada.

  • OSUMustard 8 months ago

    Biden didnt want to pay the king, not the queen.

  • Craigs Benedict 8 months ago

    Nice ! That Andrew Cuomo joke 1:10 was an easy assembly joke . The two pieces fit so perfectly 😂
    Also the way Seth says the word “Yesterday” before he pauses, is hilarious

  • tigerbalm 8 months ago

    Hey trumpoo, remember when Republicans were always saying about blacks illegally searched by the man, “If you did nothing wrong, why resist the police?”

  • Marquis de Lafayette 8 months ago

    I sell and buy things online a lot and the delays ARE NOT BECAUSE OF COVID! It is Louis Dejoy (who was on the RNC financial committee before his appointment). They wanted to privatize and delay mail in votes.

    On his wiki: Upon assuming office in June 2020, he instituted a number of measures such as banning overtime, forbidding late or extra trips to deliver mail, removing and dismantling hundreds of high-speed mail sorting machines, and removing some mail collection boxes from streets. The changes caused significant delays of mail delivery, resulting in investigations by congressional committees and the USPS inspector general. Controversially, the changes were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 election, where mail-in-voting was extensively used, with President Trump and prominent Republicans deriding mail-in-voting.

  • Jacob Cox 8 months ago

    He might get Caponed! Nothing else worked but tax fraud.

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  • prodigy1367 8 months ago


  • Daniel Mbaabu 8 months ago

    i bet that white-smoke-statue-of-liberty joke was so good Seth afterwards went on a long tangent about it that they had to cut out

  • Marc Rapaccuiolo 8 months ago

    Literally didn’t laugh once good job 👏😔


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