New Trump Nicknames For 2020 Democrats

Published on March 11, 2019

‘Crazy Bernie’ is retired. The President has a new and equally dumb nickname for the senator from Vermont.

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  • pmcall221 1 year ago

    Unstoppable apparatus is what I call my junk

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt 1 year ago

    I feel like something is wrong with Trump’s extortion. He wanted 5.7 billion, now he wants almost 9 billion. Feels like he’s owing some super loan shark.

  • Mr. fearless 1 year ago

    Damn..Stephen is a GREATR character actor….great show …

  • Agent Fungus 1 year ago

    Why does Trump’s 2020 campaign manager that looks like a dropout from Duck Dynasty?

  • Y Not 1 year ago

    ?????Well, Trump quick draw happens to be the fastest liar ever from the West.??Bigely

  • Margo Berkoff 1 year ago

    I literally went to high school with a dude named Tim Apple…for real!!!

  • Lindalee Law 1 year ago

    NAME calling, how mature.

  • Teboho Moloi 1 year ago

    Big brain

  • Herp McDerp 1 year ago

    That Tim Apple posse illustrates how insufferably insecure Trump is. Instead of just owning the mistake or simply ignoring it, he insists that his remarks totally made sense and the “fake media” is just conspiring to make him look bad. What a child…

  • Drop Cake 1 year ago

    Happy March Stephen! It’s my birthday this month 🙂

  • Christian N 1 year ago

    Jesus Christ, Trump is like the world’s worst dropout Jedi: “I said Tim Cook, not Tim Apple” *handwaves*

    “No I’m pretty sure you said Tim Apple.”

    “What you heard was Tim Cook” *handwaves*

    “No… I’m pretty sure I heard Tim Apple.”

  • DJ Syntic 1 year ago

    No see this is just a big misunderstanding. Someone told Donald Government about the book Jennifer Government where people take on the last name of the company they work for. He just really loved the idea, so you shouldn’t make fun of him Stephen CBS.

  • robin2012ism 1 year ago

    Great stuff as usual. Trump has some serious mental issues under all those character flaws.

  • Lost Goth 1 year ago

    A good laugh during very very dark times

  • Brock Albert 1 year ago

    What kind of lunatic signs the front cover of a Bible?
    I’ve seen people sign the inside of a Bible, but never the cover. What a prick.

  • maggie198333 1 year ago

    I wanna see Fox news defend this orange on AppleGate.

  • jesusatesocks 1 year ago

    Hearing him talk about the “unstoppable apparatus,” all I could think of was his Reducto character from Harvey Birdman.

  • Jay Quigley 1 year ago

    Dems need to fire back. Trump is an obvious target for names like The Tyrant Toddler, The Child in Chief, The Pinnochio President, Wallboy, etc.

    (Note that these are explicitly about his policies: he’s thrown tantrums that shut down the gov’t over the stupid wall; he’s told 5000+ lies already. Not BS about small hands or whatever, funny as that is.)

  • mighty Power999 1 year ago

    Trump is garbage Bach. Broke joke. So he tapping on our federal reserve which btw is empty. Thanks to low life Israel abusing our taxes. So he wants all projects to go to his construction. Companies

  • Mareike Dregger 1 year ago

    Trump cannot even own up to a little speaking mistake. It once more proves his unbelievable fragile narcissistic self perception.


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