New Rule: Your Not-So-Highness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on January 18, 2020

In his first New Rule of the season, Bill calls on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to take their progressivism one step further and fully renounce the idea of royalty.

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  • silverwater006 2 years ago

    That’s why my fam and I live on two continents

  • David Bell 2 years ago

    This guy isn’t very educated, or funny.
    He has no children or responsibilities. So it’s easy to make fun of others.

  • Hope Emch 2 years ago

    About Meghan and Harry. Seems they are busy branding all kinds of things so they can have their cake and their money too.

  • jon f. mcdropout 2 years ago

    Still lecturing a monolith that doesn’t exist, huh, Bill?

  • benetton66 2 years ago

    I agree

  • JTib 2 years ago

    Yep… there’s that religion joke coming. It’s about fifty miles away now… and… … … OK… OK, it’s coming closer… Hold on… It’s… … … OK here it comes… Get ready for it!

    BILL: “…You can explore an alternate way of looking at the universe called “not bat-**** crazy.””

    … And it burned up on entering the atmosphere.

  • Alfredo Olivares 2 years ago

    5:44 Diana’s wild ride,,,,Hahahahaha,,,killer joke.

  • wiley schmitt 2 years ago

    The ‘woke’ got a lot of catching up to do in general.

  • monotonous 2 years ago

    my family has been negging and pressuring me to get married and have kids for years, what i decided is fuck them, why the fuck do i have to do something i didn’t want to do and i know will make me more miserable just because that’s what they want. you know what’s funny about families, i am perfectly happy and content with my shity life until every time i call them, who have to fucking remind you that you are a fucking loser and make you feel like a piece of shit. i never get emotional (anger, bitterness, hatred, distress etc) these days, but i do everytime i finish talking to them. watching bill mocking kids and family and all that crap is like watching porn, this guy gets it

  • Nyima Manning 2 years ago

    Why is his face like this?

  • Marcus 2 years ago

    “Diana’s Wild Ride”….Oof.

  • wiley schmitt 2 years ago

    Guhgeesh, that picture of Prince Andrew is super creepy.

  • Daniel Sajid 2 years ago

    I’m a British citizen of mixed heritage and i don’t have any problem with our monarchy also your not British so shut up .

  • Moses King 2 years ago

    The idea of hating anyone for how they’re born is idiotic. If someone is the child of a billionaire, great for them. It’s not my money and none of my business what they do with it. Only liberals are obsessed with the wealth of others.

    NEWSFLASH: a billionaire across the country is not why your life sucks. It’s probably the shitty sociology degree you wasted your money on.

  • tenacious645 2 years ago

    I’ve always thought the monarchy was bullshit, but I’m American. My people have thought it was bullshit for 200+ years ?

  • mbutterfly 2 years ago

    Extend that to, Why should women defer to men who are not as smart as they are?

  • CJusticeHappen21 2 years ago

    Your family are just people. They’re as flawed and as doomed as anyone else.

  • J B 2 years ago

    Can’t wait until this idiot is too old for this gig. Won’t be long. He used to be funny…

  • Constantine Shcherbyna 2 years ago

    I missed you Bill

  • Giulia Vende 2 years ago

    Yes. Don’t get married Females. Don’t have a husband and children because that’s slavery. Females spend your life in a office making greedy Globalists wealthier because that’s true freedom and at 50 you’ll all be alone with your cats. That’s more true leftist, Marxist freedom. Making Globalists wealthier is true Freedom Females.


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