New Rule: Virus Shaming | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 10, 2020

In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that China should be held responsible for allowing the conditions that scientists have long warned could lead to a pandemic.

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  • Hirnlego999 7 months ago

    This can be good to know..

    ” WHO today [2015] called on scientists, national authorities and the media to follow best practices in naming new human infectious diseases to minimize unnecessary negative effects on nations, economies and people.
    “In recent years, several new human infectious diseases have emerged. The use of names such as ‘swine flu’ and ‘Middle East Respiratory Syndrome’ has had unintended negative impacts by stigmatizing certain communities or economic sectors,” says Dr Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General for Health Security, WHO. “This may seem like a trivial issue to some, but disease names really do matter to the people who are directly affected. We’ve seen certain disease names provoke a backlash against members of particular religious or ethnic communities, create unjustified barriers to travel, commerce and trade, and trigger needless slaughtering of food animals. This can have serious consequences for peoples’ lives and livelihoods.””

    Speaking of holding two thoughts in the head at the same time, you can call it covid-19 and still push on China to change its ways.

  • Muhammad Cushmeer 7 months ago

    He got the nerve to have Mao in the back…they didn’t make them where that hijab they ( the people who do it ) choose to we make women wear bikinis to the beach or show their bodies with our glorifying sex and paying them

  • ankita nandurkar 7 months ago

    Why can’t everyone agree with this piece for once? This is exactly how it is. China should not be given pass on this one for god’s sake!!

  • John Wood 7 months ago

    The Spanish flue came from the US!! It started in Kansas near an army base, and it’s the American soldiers who brought it to Europe. That “American flue” killed more than 50 million people.
    It was called Spanish flue because Spain, who was not engaged in the war, was the first country to denounce the virus, the other ones (America and Co) kept it a secret because they worried about people’s moral during a war 🤔

  • saxyrep1 7 months ago

    I’m willing to call COVID-19 “the chinese flu” when the diseases that were brought to Native Americans and African nations are called “European or white man’s diseases.” Here’s a short list :

    smallpox, bubonic plague, chickenpox, cholera, the common cold, diphtheria, influenza, malaria, measles, scarlet fever, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, typhoid, typhus, TB, the whooping cough and pertussis.

  • Prash KD 7 months ago

    WTF.. Is that Mao’s statue in the background ?? Didn’t realise Bill was a commi fan.

  • Anne ONeill 7 months ago


  • Lisear 7 months ago

    I agree that those wet markets are disgusting and their contagion causing habits will probably be the down fall of us all. Under the heading of facts first though, can we all agree that the Spanish Flu can probably be called The USA Flu?

  • Michael Shapiro 7 months ago

    China is just as stupid as America…
    Look we allowed trump to become president….. Think about that!!!

  • Weiliang 7 months ago

    Call it the Wuhan or China virus, but CHINESE is a race and language. So yeah, it’s racist.

    I’m Chinese by race, but my English will probably test better than yours. Does that make me English from England? Wanna be accurate, then by all means please do, but GET IT RIGHT.

  • Dave Tam 7 months ago

    The virus started in China. Trump and the administration didn’t do anything to stop it until it was too late. So is the virus being in the US actually China’s fault?

  • Chris Livingsten 7 months ago

    They’re called wet markets because the remains of freshly butchered animals are dumped on the ground and pressure washed into open sewer holes. There is no refrigeration, no sanitization and constant cross contamination. Of course this is how diseases are born.

  • coco puff 7 months ago

    I agree, the world should force China to have better sanitary measures…they are to blame no question. However, why it took so much time for the Countries around the world to isolate China by stopping flights from/to China ?? The western world did not want to do it because of MONEY. So both sides are to blame.

  • cesar leon 7 months ago

    but the spanish flu was originated in USA.

  • Holy God 7 months ago

    It’s like white groups blaming the Jews for the world’s problems.

  • David W8004 7 months ago

    100% agree

  • Willskull 7 months ago

    Fun fact, the “Spanish” flu was actually American

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 7 months ago

    Chinese Government dropped the ball because SARS started in wet markets too, it was banned for a while but then wet markets came back for Covid-19. It’s not like the old days in China when meat was hard to get (and therefore expensive) and people had to resort to eating wild meat — these days pork, chicken & duck are plentiful (and affordable) in China.

  • Lin Wei 7 months ago

    war on China! Like in 1900, Eight-Nation Alliance, let’s do this! Gether army first.
    by the way, intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November 2019 (from ABC). anyone read this one?

  • Steven Rodriguez 7 months ago

    They’ve been eating bat’s since before since before Israel invaded Palestine


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