New Rule: Time for a National Divorce?

Published on October 22, 2021

If we want to halt this descent into civil war, we have to stop hating each other.

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  • Duke Versewalker 2 years ago

    Free speech guy defends the right’s ability to spew hate as free speech but wants the left the STFU about actual justice. I guess this is how Bill has stayed on the air so long, flip flopping based on who’s paying his bills

  • Ben H 2 years ago

    Bill, its not an issue of people “hate” each other,, its why or what makes people “hate ” each other, the source ? maybe the what media from left or right is feeding them ? people think only old soviet or russia or china could brainwash people’s mind..will never will happen in land of free ? maybe 2020-2021 is time to wake up ?

  • Alan James 2 years ago

    Disagree Bill about right wing conservative having a monopoly on hate. The left wing progressives are hateful too of anyone criticizing them. They are the ones who have been burning cities, looting and murdering or threatening people. When people associate KKK with neonazis and white supremacists they forget the KKK was Democrat organization which despised Republicans Catholics and Jews.

  • DBF 2 years ago

    Shatner is a national treasure? He’s Canadian, ffs.

  • Stephen B 2 years ago

    Sounds easy until trying to figure the details of splitting the military and military assets.

  • Ema W 2 years ago

    Stop the hate, cool it down a notch, let it go, enjoy…while knowing Trump and his cronies are plotting a slow coup. This make no sense. I hope President Biden and US gov’t are not thinking like this, or we’re going to have a civil war for sure.

  • Leonidas 1028 2 years ago


  • Antony C 2 years ago

    Love conquers all

  • JK 2 years ago

    Yes, we should split into two separate nations, with compromises and allowances made so that Blue States are viable, despite being separated geographically. We’d still be friends, kinda like us and France are now……….just not fellow citizens anymore.

  • Stephen Young 2 years ago

    Then you would just have more divorces! Change state governments to allow for more political parties! Do away with voting districts! State would have a single house legislature 2 year terms so elections every 2 years! Have 100 seats with each voter getting only one vote and top vote getters fill seats! Could have a runoff with top 200 in it for 100 seats and could do it with preferential voting! House of representatives could also do away with congressional districts one vote for anyone statewide! Governors top 2 vote getters have runoffs! U.S. Senate with 6 year terms each state would have 3 senators so you could have one up for election every 2 years! Better yet have 3 more Senators but use a 50/50 ratio with half male and half female! Make it to where you have 1 male and 1 female up for election every 2 years! You vote only for what sex you are born or have undergone a complete sex change! Supreme court 12 justices 12 year terms both house and senate do nominations and renominations. President would do nominating but those justices who want to do another 12 years president doesn’t! It takes 2/3rds of both senate and house to block serving another term just like overturning a veto! The President for each term elected will choose a 13th justice the chief justice from the justice department who can only vote to break ties! They will have to pair down the court districts from 13 to 12 so each justice except the chief justice has only one district! Every 4 years make the Attorney General and Treasury department head run for election do it 2 years after every Presidential election. States could have senates of 4 year terms made up of only those who have 4 year college degrees and same size has state house! All federal cabinet appointments, ambassadors and advisors would have to go through both the house and senate! House of representatives would be increased in size based upon states smallest population being divided into national census population! Wyoming is the smallest and House needs over a hundred more seats! Make electoral college based only on the house and no Senate! No winner take all states either! House seats would be closer to the popular vote then plus sometimes weather can be a factor on elections. Maybe have a runoff if there is a split on electoral vote and popular vote! Use electoral vote for runoff victory

  • Jess Manuel 2 years ago

    Bill is always comparing the US to poor countries. Why not compare the US to rich countries like Norway, Denmark, or Switzerland?

  • Pete Howard 2 years ago

    “win voters with ideas” And that is a punch line, Bill? FU. How about crazy ideas like a Southern border under control, or inflation under control, or an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan? How about crazy-ass ideas like supporting US energy, supporting Metro-Police, and cracking down on criminal behavior by prosecuting criminals? Every time I start to think you may have a sensible brain, you flush that thought down the toilet.

  • Emmanuel Lynch 2 years ago

    If you believe Republicans wouldn’t violently take over if they weren’t already sabotaging Blue states when they see GOP policies don’t work you got to be delusional enough to think Biden’s “listening” Manchin & Sinema isn’t ensuring Trump’s 2024 election victory

  • no one worth knowing 2 years ago

    Stop hating each other? Won’t happen. America is a 90s high school full of gang members.

  • Giovanni Magnus 2 years ago

    We need to stop giving hate a platform. It doesn’t come under protected speech, never has, and we need to stop enabling it under “fairness”. The people who preach hate won’t offer fairness if given their way. And perhaps when all those disgruntled voters start coming up with theories as to why their candidate lost, the one response we should put out is “he lost because he was hateful, and we were tired of it”.


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