New Rule: The ‘What Were You Thinking’ Generation | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 14, 2018

In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that it’s unfair to impose today’s “woke” standards on yesterday’s art.

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  • Michael Polera 12 months ago

    FIRST! 😁

  • Julia Nam 12 months ago

    Someday I’m gonna marry Andy Cohen

  • kefkapalazzo1 12 months ago

    That jacket isn’t really bad lmao or is it just me?

  • ExotikZBoy17 12 months ago

    This was the same jacket Bill was wearing here:

  • Shivam Awasthi 12 months ago

    Maher should be the guiding light for the liberals!

  • Varun Kenadath 12 months ago

    How does that red pill taste

  • Matt w/ 2Ts 12 months ago

    Well said, Bill. Calm down fellow liberals/millennials there will be a time when you will be kicking yourself in the ass with all this political correctness bullshit.

    Instead of having fake outrage and shutting people down. Try establishing some dialogue.

  • Bryam Bueno 12 months ago

    Brilliant lol 😂

  • Jon Stern 12 months ago

    The age of consent in the UK (where The Beatles were obviously from) is 16.
    Before people here in the US gasp and say how appalling that is. Having lived in both places, I can tell you that 16 year olds in the UK are a lot more grown up than in the US (where they’re still kids).

  • Marilyn Newman 12 months ago

    I don’t need shoulder pads, I got enough shoulders for a linebacker. I usually have to buy boys shirts.

  • wiley schmitt 12 months ago

    Most millennials are completely brainwashed phone zombies, and somehow in the technological age of accessible information too.

  • Kom Rook Met My 12 months ago

    Honestly that jacket is pretty slick

  • mrogs12 12 months ago

    And the Baby Boomers will forever be know as the ‘What _IN THE FUCK_ Were You Thinking’ Generation after the Trump era closes

  • Duncan Wallace 12 months ago

    The best thing about this generation being over-judgemental is it’s all recorded for their kids to play back to them.

  • 1128ca Mbq 12 months ago

    Racism through the Apu character is _still ongoing._ Acknowledging it without changing things going on _now_ is the same as condoning or not acknowledging it.

  • MbseedM 12 months ago

    I agree with Bill. I hate how art is beginning to overlap far too much politics. It’s also important to distinguish fiction with reality. I can enjoy movies like A Clockwork Orange, which has a rape scene, while remembering that it’s art and it OBVIOUSLY it wouldn’t be acceptable in real life. To do away with all the things that are now considered politically incorrect is to do away with facts of life or like Bill said pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • AF AF Tech 12 months ago

    Anyone that dies while staring at a cell phone needs an idiot plaque bolted to their headstone. Also anyone that has bought into a modern clothing trend craze needs said clothing line tattooed to their forehead. They will be Supreme for life.

  • iillylabrat 12 months ago

    Can’t wait til we look back on all the guns and say “what were they thinking? “

  • DavidAWA 12 months ago

    The next generation with ask, “Why did you shave half your head, color your hair and why were you so mean?! And, “Gender Disphoria” is real, but there are gender fluid kids who aren’t. And they’ll need to explain to their kids why they thought they were a boy when they aren’t now.

  • Mario D. Zmaj 12 months ago

    that jacket is sexy af


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