New Rule: The War on Democracy | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 22, 2022

Democracy doesn’t die in darkness. It dies in plain sight because enough people think democracy is a luxury America can no longer afford.

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  • Andres F 1 year ago

    oh Bill stop it, you know you are full of shit, Jan 6th was not a riot, there were prople from THIS goverment fueling it and people denounce them, the guy with the “rank democracy” speech means exactly what we have now a goverment in which all the elites do as they please and we are just told what is the new kind of “correct”, the kind of democracy which starts by co-opting universities, which is not democracy, and voting being a privilege would not be needed if dems didnt just let everyone in to get a shot at the voting booth…. you know you’re lying, just stop it

  • RebelVelocity 1 year ago

    The fact that they are infatuated with Hungary is terrifying. They want a competitive autocracy, where people vote but the mechanisms are too stacked for the opponents to wield power.

  • Arno Snyman 1 year ago

    It is quite an interesting position America has for itself. The reason you guys still have such relaxed gun laws is for citizens to be able to stand up to a tyranical government. Some tyranical governments (like China for example) have been voted into power “Democratically” (I used this term very lose as North Korea also has “democracy”). I’m not saying the Democrats are tyranical, but you can see how that way of thinking have caused the January 6th incident.

    Let me take South Africa for example. We also have a “democracy”, but those voted in power loot and destroy the country. That isn’t really a Democracy, but am Ineptocracy

  • Andres F 1 year ago

    oh, Bill getting full of shit because he’s been landing right of every issue but the midterms are around the corner… cute… who had “the talk” with you Bill?

  • Jones Jack 1 year ago

    Kansas is to liberal now? Good to know

  • David Miller 1 year ago

    Bill, next time before you say something about the founding fathers perhaps you should read Thomas Jefferson. You remember him, he doubled the size of USA and sent off Lewis and Clark to survey to the Pacific.

    The United States Constitution calls for a republic. You were in elementary school ..and to the Republic for which it stands. . .

  • Molly O 1 year ago

    What crazy stuff are kids being taught in schools? For example?

  • Elevtr 1 year ago

    Your ability to be critical of the right and left makes me respect you and in turn makes me think you respect your viewers intelligence.

  • sac man 1 year ago

    Honestly don’t get how people can listen to this guy with any degree of seriousness his points are unfounded and illogical

  • cmdshft 1 year ago

    True republicans never supported the Jan 6th event. Just as moderate dems can’t stand progressive dems, moderate republicans cannot stand the aggressive right. We don’t appreciate them speaking for the rest of us. True republicans have been calling out the crazy ones. We hear you, Bill but please take your own perspective on dems and apply it to the GOP.

  • Jim 1 year ago

    He is spewing so much garbage it isn’t worth a response. This guy is plain stupid.

  • Samuel Liu 1 year ago

    GOD hadn’t BLESSED China like the USA!

  • TheKrauzerII 1 year ago

    Lol Maher… Democracy according to democrats is a maoist dictatorship…

  • Jimmy W 1 year ago

    is Elon musk buying Twitter to avoid more tweets on Depp amber n his connection to the trial?? what’s your view????


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