New Rule: The Lesson of Afghanistan | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 27, 2021

Blind hatred of America is just as blinkered as blind love. And we Americans should look at the situation in Afghanistan to really get some perspective about where we live.

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  • Shubs 10 months ago

    Maher missed an opportunity there to point out that one of the persons who died falling from the US C17 was Zaki Anwari, a promising member of the U-16 Afghan National Soccer team. Imagine the desperation of someone so young, with his whole life ahead of him…

  • Mohd. osman A. M. Ali 10 months ago


  • B. A 10 months ago

    this whole piece is an attempt to divert from the real problem… the USA invading other sovereign countries for its own interests.

  • Ascadian Whipmaster 10 months ago

    Thank you. I’m a female disabled vet. This situation has me wrecked.

    Yes… I have boundless love for America.

  • Dave B 10 months ago

    yeah you thought Trumps 2 AM tweets were inappropriate, deal with bidens 1000’s to be killed with HIS withdrawal policies. 15 AMERICANS DEAD already… MORE to come.
    Hate Trump for his unPresidential presence but the taliban wouldn’t have tried this STUFF with PRESIDENT TRUMP, because they knew he would have turned them to dust if ONE AMERICAN died !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hywel Gething 10 months ago

    A few comments about how Bill isn’t a real liberal. Hmm, maybe if you don’t have more than two parties you get this problem? No point in calling him a neo liberal just because he isn’t as radical as AOC, you just need more parties to identify with, just look at Scandinavian countries.

  • Arthur Coole 10 months ago

    Bill Maher is very clever and attuned to public opinion. He knows the pendulum of public opinion is swinging back to the right. Hence, he is hedging his presentations to CYA. Not to be trusted.

  • Curtis Hawks 10 months ago

    Thank you Bill for the “Re-gifting” of common sense.

  • Gal Phy 10 months ago

    Org amerika benci sm negaranya sendiri. Mgkn ben affleck suruh pindah ke afganistan.

  • margaret Towart 10 months ago

    I’m not an American but I know he nailed it.!

  • Scott Grabel 10 months ago

    The Left’s contempt for America is not because we don’t appreciate how good we have it, it’s because we recognize how much suffering our government has caused across the planet. When Maher lists all the horrors in other countries, we at least played a part, from Honduras to Afghanistan, due to our need for control of the global marketplace.

  • Reality Check 10 months ago

    Yes Americans as a whole are spoiled beyond belief, and truly have no clue whatsoever what oppression, racism or deprivation is. If its so damn bad here then why to millions from all over the world try any and everything to get here? F#cking right, a lot of Americans don’t give two craps about their own children and see them as a burden… 🤦‍♂️ and our education system proves it.. 27th in education.. If you don’t like it, leave..

  • jnightshade 10 months ago

    I’ll believe Maher means what he’s saying when he personally takes a family of refugees into his mansion and neighborhood. Sounds great to say, but not necessarily practical or realistic in action.

  • Evan Hilsenrath 10 months ago

    we should take in afghan FAMILIES into our home and neighborhoods. the single young men can die at the hands of the ccp in five years for all we care

  • BoondockRoberts 10 months ago

    His audience is too woke. All they heard was an anti republican rant

  • zhrmz 10 months ago

    Send wokes to Afghanistan! So they know what oppression truly means!

  • philzone 10 months ago

    Bill has sat on the fence for so long his crack has molded it’s self.

  • Polydynamix 10 months ago

    This is a bit of a silly narrative though. Idealistically sure, terrible places should also be better… but the premise of this mirrors that of someone who is paralized telling someone with a missing leg that they’ve got it easy. That it’s not still hard for someone with 1 leg to get a simple bag of groceries into their house. Like it’s not tricky kicking at a pigeon with 1 leg.

    Everyone can point to someone who has it worse, and there is never any end because there’s always someone new dying in a horrific way and in that moment THAT have it the worst. This is not a ‘lesson’, it’s a flawed thought experiment.

  • Chase Schleich 10 months ago

    Did he really just tell us to ask our maids? Show of hands here in the comments section. How many of you have a maid?

  • James Young 10 months ago

    Good video, but there will always be someone worse off and someone better off, that doesn’t make my current situation acceptable. It’s kind of a fallacy to think that all you have to do to be happy with your situation is to realize someone is in a worse situation. Yeah, lots of things suck about other countries, but that doesn’t mean my disgust with most of our society and culture here in the U.S. is invalid. I have a pinched nerve in my neck that’s about an 8 on the pain scale. Knowing someone is in more pain doesn’t make my pain any better. If anything I just feel worse for them. Any kind of appreciation one might have about their situation in contrast to someone else’s is two dimensional and fleeting. This country is shit like all other countries. You just don’t get the full experience as a wealthy celebrity, Bill.

  • Anna 10 months ago

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  • Stacy 10 months ago

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  • SherriEbron 10 months ago

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