New Rule: The Great Wife Hope | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on May 11, 2019

In his editorial New Rule, Bill asks for help from the only person who might be able to knock out Donald Trump: Melania.

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  • pham nghi 4 months ago

    “Original Bush Doctrine” lol

  • New Message 4 months ago

    If Melania leaves Trump before he’s outlived his usefulness, Vlad will take back her family tractor, cut off Grandma’s insulin, and deny her the sweet release of a broken wine glass stem to the jugular she’s been promised if she can just make it a few more years…

  • Ty Diab 4 months ago

    What happened to The Chinese wife???

  • Angel Eduardo Trejo Munguía 4 months ago


  • tRonald Dump 4 months ago

    Nah, Melania can’t make Trump implode. If you wanna make Trump implode, take away his precious TeeVee. And his cheeseburger. Then he’s helpless.

  • Ty Diab 4 months ago

    Rupert Murdoch’s face is absolutely hideously scary looking, like his soul.

  • will ty 4 months ago

    The thought Bush 43 was the dumbest president in history but the shit that trump says and does make Bush seems like a genius. Hopefully his dumb ass base regrets voting for this fat fuck trump

  • Zao Medong 4 months ago

    This raging idiot has final stage terminal TDS
    Not fun anymore dude just like the rest of the authoritarian left trying to ram their beliefs down our throats
    Oh yeah and Trump’s gonna break your socialist hearts next year =)

  • Virtuoso80 4 months ago

    Love the mention of Lysistrata. In the second half, the joke is that all the men are walking around with huge erections because their wives stopped having sex with them. 2000-year-old dick jokes, people.

  • timmy timmytimmy 4 months ago

    shitratt and his uncover cucks’ future ^^

  • Ryan Ranger 4 months ago

    Yes, Fox News sucks. Yet they’ve been more fair to Tulsi Gabbard than CNN or MSNBC. You’ve really become a partisan hack in your old age bill. I want to see Trump gone too, How about you start with his base who already likes Tulsi, and have her on. That’s what you should be pushing for if you really want the left to win. Because they are not all insane, and I believe many of them could be flipped to Tulsi.

  • sandy cho 4 months ago

    Only hatred for trump masked by eloquence of mockery. What a shame

  • Ann Hiller 4 months ago

    100% she hasn’t slept with him for a decade. The world could burn & she could not care less. From the start, she prostituted everything she is for financial security. She just has to outlive him & she gets it all.

  • Nikki B 4 months ago

    Mely the rump roast is in the oven.
    Jerry how can you let that man touch you…ewwww.

  • smdownh9 4 months ago

    Melania leaving Trump would have the same effect it had on Ric Flair he would be like ok don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out he banged a chick while she was in labor if she cut him off from sex he would just find other chicks to bang probably while she still in the same bed. He has been divorced many times he doesn’t give a dame about another divorce he would probably have the secret service putting her stuff thrown out on the front gate of the white house while he got a judge to give her divorce papers and the judge would rule Melania you ain’t getting jack shit. worst idea Bill has ever had.

  • Regina Diane Monroe 4 months ago

    Bill, You are insane!!! I can’t stop laughing at this episode👍😅


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