New Rule: The Great Disappointment | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 21, 2020

In his final New Rule of 2020, Bill takes explores the striking similarities between Donald Trump and other infamous cult leaders.

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  • Sammy Wipple 5 months ago

    Thanks, Bill.

  • James Bias 5 months ago

    To bad i cant multi Like this

  • Barbara Roberts 5 months ago

    What has been so heartbreaking for me in regards to this sick twisted “cult leader trump” is that he has convinced about 38% of the population here in America, to “Love to hate and to hate to Love”…that is the worst part the hatred…and the paranoia and believing all the LIES from trump! How can anyone believe such a hateful nasty selfish man and a known lifetime pathological liar???

  • Fremont Pathfinder 5 months ago

    Sorry but I won’t be charitable to Trump supporters. We came close to losing our democracy.

  • Bryan Machin 5 months ago

    Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!

  • Craig Dunk 5 months ago


  • HEARTBREAKER 5 months ago

    no-one has lost or won as of yet so stick it up your arse

  • Cheese 5 months ago

    Didn’t know Bill still had shows let alone seasons.

  • eric haase 5 months ago

    I dunno… doesn’t Maher’s whole career revolved around everyone paying rapt attention to everything he says, to agree with his ideas and laugh at his wit? Isn’t the Democrat party being led by the nose by a cult of wokeness? Raging Lefties are calling for doxing and violence against anyone who disagrees with their ideology, it has been done every day for four years- and you call Trump supporters who can gather by the hundreds of thousands with no violence a cult? Didn’t we see massive election fraud as Biden supporters cry that it is Trump who is trying to steal an election? IT’S CALLED PROJECTION.

  • Barbara Cook 5 months ago

    Thanks Bill. You got us thru this shit also. C U next year when Biden and Harris start “BESTING” our country the way it should be. 2021✊💥💥💥💥🇺🇸

  • buddhastaxi666 5 months ago

    Baseball bat is quicker.

  • hang all Republicans ! 5 months ago


  • Jonathan Sonnier 5 months ago

    Bill Maher has the face of a very funny man.

  • B. E. 5 months ago

    good luck! lol

  • melody granados 5 months ago

    For the record, I’m a christian protestant that came of that millerite movement , those people learned their lesson back in the day, and never fixed a date again, right now it’s a very different movement, it’s called 7th day Adventists, we are just trying to love our neighbors, not judge our brothers and sisters that think differently than us, and to help others whenever we can… So… Yeah… You can leave the organization if you want and they won’t treat you as a traitor or condemn you to hell or anything… I swear we are not a cult (help me , they are forcing me to write this! Haha jk… Or am I?) Anyways I love Bill Maher, sadly for us Christians he, as an atheist behaves way better than many of my christian brethren.

  • Don Cooper 5 months ago

    well? Sounds good, but its not heart that got us here. It was, in fact, “words”.

  • Рекс 5 months ago

    Hmmm… the world’s gonna end in 2020.
    Sound like a cult?

  • C.A.T. 5 months ago

    The problem is that as long as Trump keeps pushing the idea that the election was stolen from him, he isn’t a loser but a martyr in the eyes of his followers, so many of whom already have a baked-in sense of religious persecution.

  • eddsramm1 5 months ago

    Great show Bill. Its funny because it’s True😊

  • graphosxp 5 months ago

    Lindsey “Allison Mack” Graham? I will NEVER stop calling him that!


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