New Rule: The Fudge Report | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 7, 2019

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on Americans to take control of their health and address the growing obesity epidemic.

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  • Agent K 5 months ago

    So many fat people are gonna dislike this video.

  • FMB BEACHBUM 5 months ago

    What happened to the Bill Maher that said about healthcare in this country “do we have to make money on everything?” He was pro universal healthcare and now the only guy that is hellbent on getting it for everyone is crazy for talking about it? Bill should walk the walk. If he believes in universal healthcare then he needs to endorse the real front runner. Bernie2020

  • twilliamsca 5 months ago

    I guess Bill didn’t hear that The American Psychiatric Association claimed fat shaming does not help obesity.

    He also didn’t noticed almost every free country has obese people.

    More importantly obese people are now living into their 70’s!

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 5 months ago

    American Freedom: Freedom to stuff their mouths with food.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 5 months ago

    Sad truths by Bill Maher

  • monkeymuggs 5 months ago

    We get it bill, you hate Muslims and fat people.

  • Hvalpikk 5 months ago

    That would be deep fried assholes

  • Homo Quantum Sapiens 5 months ago

    Say What you want, fat has never looked smart, in fact it has always look dumb.

    So, fat people, improve your IQ, lose weight.

  • Dave Marszalek 5 months ago

    The fattest states are in the south though, Bill?

  • Jack Jammen 5 months ago

    Hey Bill. Your shill is showing

  • Samuel Contreras 5 months ago

    Omg I so wanted to say this publicly

  • DSAK55 5 months ago

    Global Warming will fix obesity

  • Nick Tholen 5 months ago

    As someone who’s still overweight, has been overweight nearing obese by almost 120 pounds before and have learned to rewire my brain to eat for survival rather than pleasure, this is right on the money. Stop eating so much food. And you’ll be happier too. I wish Bill separated this from universal healthcare, but it’s still an issue. And it’s creating a lot more food litter and many other negative effects. Although, the food industry does share some blame with their constant advertisements and encouragement to buy more food, and tying some of their employees wages to selling more all the time.

  • Odi Gomez 5 months ago

    Everyone saying healthy food is expensive must not do the shopping. Chicken, eggs, salmon and vegetables are pretty cheap if you cook it yourself.

  • Cecilia Age of Aquarius 5 months ago

    I adore this atheist man lol

  • E K 5 months ago

    Fat acceptance is death acceptance

  • Roy Alvarez 5 months ago

    What do you expect from people that, in order to not work, started a war to keep slavery legal.

  • Sam Friedberg 5 months ago

    America is the fattest and most depressed country on earth. Our life expectancy is dropping because so many people are killing themselves and yet we say we are the best country on earth

  • Omer Lavian 5 months ago

    SO MUCH YES!!!


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