New Rule: Take the Money and Run | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 7, 2020

In his editorial New Rule, Bill tells Democrats not to be so precious about which donors they’re willing to take money from.

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  • Liam Quane 7 months ago

    No, their BAD money pays for BAD THINGS! Wall Street reform to a point, not a point of change, but to a point of “flexibility”. It’s the illusion of change, not actual change, It’s not difficult to understand. The country has never been in worse hands after decades of BAD money being given to the Democrats! “Good people” get paid BAD MONEY and the BAD people still win, this is BECAUSE they get paid, they let monsters win because they will lose their “donations” if they don’t!

  • Muh Baykun 7 months ago

    Obama protected walls street. In order to be investigate they negotiated that there could be no prosecution. Obama was corrupt as hell. He handed Wall Street trillions of dollars in stimulus. Made more tax loopholes. The average us citizen got poorer under Obama. Plus Wall Street got way richer.

  • xerakis 7 months ago

    Bernie is getting treated like a chump by the DNC yet again…. unreal. Biden is the best the Dems can do ????

  • Tony Clifton 7 months ago

    See, Bill is basically saying the cool kids all take money from special interests. Bill is one hep cat!

  • Tracey Wingfield 7 months ago

    Bill Maher bad money that comes from bad people is just bad. We will not be influenced, and will gladfully give Warren half our money to get us away from false, rich and selfish influences. You are the very person that turn them bad. Warren and Booker are heroes. But you being rich could never understand that returning the money is the most noble thing you can do when you drop out. I’ve followed you for over 20 years. But now that you are rich we are coming to see that your commentary is false and disconnected. It’s not the money, but the vote that gets us there. And while you have spent most of this debuting election cycle on separating dems, calling for them to cheat, and even now asking them to be bought out. We see you.

    We see you!

  • Nate 7 months ago

    It isn’t about dollar totals, it’s how you spend it.

    Hillary botched 2016 by focusing all her ad buys on traditional media. trump’s team focused online, which costs significantly less and allows for targeting.

    Bloomberg got as much as 13% of Democrats in California alone (507,002) to buy into his b.s. with nothing but ads. trump doesn’t need to convince 13% of democrats in one state to win, he needs to convince 1-2% of all voters in a couple of states to stay home.

    Using Facebook data, you an identify race, how active they are on Facebook, likely salary based on job and job title, and their overall sentiment towards politics based on posts. Using that alone, I could identify people of color in key states and send them misinformation on a candidate, misinformation on when to register and where to vote, misleading information on candidates, and outright lies.

    That’s all it takes and that’s their plan. It’s what Russia did, it is what trump’s team will do, and there is only so much democrats can do. There are things to counter that, but I don’t have the energy to write out what they can do at this hour.

  • Sphamandla Hlela 7 months ago

    NOTHING is stopping Bloomberg from independently spending that billion to elect a Democrat.
    And no it was NOT just a blowjob joke Bill, by Bllomberg. Careful, your old-white-guy tendencies are leaking…

  • Headcheese Smoothie 7 months ago

    So you basically said that Bernie voters are broke and he is taking your money, while mentioning that the average donation is $18. I’m sorry but 18 bucks is nothing these days, and these “broke” voters obviously realized that and donated it anyway. It’s fucking 18 DOLLARS. Bill is a rich, out of touch moron on multiple occasions. Sometimes he hits it, but here he is flat out wrong. You can almost tell by his energy that he doesn’t even really believe what he’s saying.

  • c 7 months ago

    Trump does bad things, so Democrats should also do bad things? Does anybody else understand the twisted logic there? Bill gets so wrapped up in winning, that he forgets why it’s important. It means nothing if you get a slightly less abrasive version of Trump masquerading as a liberal.

  • Church of Antichrist 7 months ago

    My wife and her father are so much better than Amun-Ra that we are going to bring down a rain of fire to prove it to them Amen Jesus Christ

  • Marc Polonsky 7 months ago

    I agree with Bill here. If someone is giving money to ensure a Democrat is elected, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a “pure” motive. I don’t need to evaluate the donor’s history. Some people here have written that money doesn’t help much, or can’t buy elections. I think it can help.
    The real moral question is whether huge donors are buying influence. Maybe some of them are trying to. But, as Bill points out here in his Obama story, it doesn’t always work to try and buy influence.
    Maybe there are shades of gray to this issue. It’s a different story, taking money from some random billionnaire — or even a rich villain like Weinstein — and taking it from the fossil fuel industry, for example.

  • fuchusen666 7 months ago

    They don’t give the money for nothing, they want return on investment. You can’t beat Trump if you are just as wrapped up in dirty money as him. He’ll call out your corruption (and it will stick) knowing that you calling out his corruption will mean nothing to his supporters. Obama taking all that big bank money led us to Trump, but his fans could give a dook if he takes their money. Whatever, Bill is the dumbass that was touting Amy Klobitchar as out best bet two weeks ago.

  • Emerson Silva 7 months ago




  • hisxmark 7 months ago

    Bill Maher has morphed into a bag of diaper pudding.

  • ImperturbableLight 7 months ago

    “In a room full of saints, you’ll find sinners.”

    Poor planning, fighting head-on, lack of campaign funding all over have cost the Democratic Party at least two presidencies since Clinton, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court and other courts and gives us Mitch McConnell, Putin, tRump and tRumpism.

    Get Bloomberg, Steyer and anyone interested in money, run great campaigns, get the House, the Senate, the Presidency, gut the elections system in this country an turn it into a true, direct democracy with political campaigns fully funded—who would have imagined such a concept?—by the People for the People.

    You will be a sinner no matter what in the middle of so many saints.

  • Facts Over Feels 7 months ago

    So in other words surrender any and all principles because, say it with me now, orange man bad. You used to be funny, Bill, now you are just a joke

  • Tiago Alves 7 months ago

    So in order to win over Trump we must continue with the status quo. No thanks. This monologue was disgusting

  • Dale Smith 7 months ago

    I make 15 an hour gave a donation to trump u guys are fucked

  • Bruce Leroy 7 months ago

    I knew you stupid Bernie supporters would cry over this like you do everything else.

  • Chris Laursen 5 months ago

    You don’t get it Bill. Nothing but a shill.

  • haydeh abdolahian 5 months ago

    Well if she wouldn’t take the money that kid would be hurt .why don’t you say any thing about her son in law worked for terrorist regime in Iran , she lost my vote right there 😡

  • oxideman1 5 months ago

    Liberals has lost contact with reality… no wonder why Trump and will most likely win again.. Liberals have to grow up and stand for something like JFK or FDR. insted of beeing whiny bitches.

  • Jordan Villanueva 5 months ago

    Your so full of lies bill maher. That’s what you are you lie to get money your worst hahahahha

  • David Anderson 5 months ago

    For how much Bill brags about how is so much smarter than everyone, this is one of the most oblivious, head shoved up his ass moment.. Dodd-Frank Bill was
    Weak and was gutted, any politician that takes money from corporations will be their politician they now own,
    Which explains why he have either really stupid or really spineless politicians… Maybe you should invite people
    Who could
    Enlighten you why money in politics sucks and is not a good thing…

  • Zman 5 months ago

    Bernie Sanders, a confirmed socialist millionaire with holiday homes…🥴

  • hellostranger 5 months ago

    The ends justify the means sometimes, especially if it stops Trump from being reelected.

  • Welfare Queen 5 months ago

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  • Skyline BIT H. 4 months ago

    Excellent message. This makes sense. Dont listen to the others, they’re “pure losers”

  • Michael Anderson 4 months ago

    Yes, beat that guy!!

  • N J Hansen 4 months ago

    What is going on with Maher?? I see his point, and Jesse Unruh of Calif said, “If you can’t take their money, drink their whiskey, and f*** their women and then vote against them, you have no business being in politics”…but that doesn’t change the fact that money doesn’t just buy access—it buys legislation, and for a relatively nominal donation, the rich get a HUGE return on their investment. Saying, as Maher does, that the money you take from the plutocrats “is money they don’t have” is just sorry. For example, Dole took $20,000 from winemakers Ernest and Julio Gallo and it return wrote the Gallo Amendment which saved the Gallos millions—a pretty good investment. I mean, these plutocrats aren’t giving politicians money because they want good government.
    Then there’s this — Wikipedia has the following:
    “In 2020, he defended calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and criticised equating the term to racism, stating “it scares me that there are people out there who would rather die from the virus than call it by the wrong name. This isn’t about vilifying a culture. This is about facts.” Maher made the case that doctors call outbreaks from the area or country from which it originates–hence, the “Spanish flu” of 1918, or “the Wuhan coronavirus”  and so isn’t it JUST RIDICULOUS that liberals are upset about it. Oh, good grief—what happy horsesh**!! did it ever occur to Bill that scientists do it because, well, they’re scientists with no political ax to grind, but that Republicans are doing it because they have a vested interest in demonizing a segment of the population and another country, China, because scapegoating is just what conservatives DO? Of course, that fact that over a thousand Chinese-Americans have been attacked as a result of Trump using the term “Chinese virus” doesn’t really affect Maher, does it? It’s not like HE’S being attacked.

  • Torkel Svenson 4 months ago

    Bill really is the embodiment of #OrangeManBad. Get rid if Trump no matter what, fuck principles.

  • Paul Kelly 4 months ago

    DNC is Trump blue . Bernie is the dream that can break the sled out of the ice. End war and guide mankind up onto the shores of humanity.

  • Rick Berge 4 months ago

    Until public financing of political campaigns is written into law, Democrats should take full advantage of the republicans get elected money scheme, called “citizens united”. Stop being such a party mascot ( jackass ) and take the money, as money gets you elected! Once you get elected, change the wage laws, to pay every hard working Americans, so they can afford to get you re-elected! ( and afford health care, education, food / water and maybe take a much needed and well deserved vacation, which relieves stress and creates jobs, in our consumer based, service industry, economic society )

  • Jason N Stegall 4 months ago

    Folks, it’s called SATIRE. Even if Bill fundamentally believes what he’s saying, the idea is humor.

  • Danny G 4 months ago

    The fact that this has more likes than dislikes makes me very worried for this country.

  • Cathy Bradley 4 months ago

    Yeah but had weed and dudes buy the drinks. Eat at cafeterias until mommy sent you another five hundred dollars to last a week. So don’t worry about college chicks Bill. We be just Fine.

  • MsNooneinparticular 3 months ago

    This right here is why so many have abandoned BOTH parties. It’s a race to the bottom. The only thing Obama did to Wallstreet was bail them out. And the fact that Bernie has stayed in that corrupt party despite their treatment of him has tarnished his credibility with me. Can’t justify donating to his campaigns when I know he’s sticking with the likes of Schumer, Pelosi & the DNC rather than his base of supporters. The Green Party matches ALL his ideals so he should be running on that ticket.

  • Aladin Shora 3 months ago

    One does not simply “donate” millions with nothing in return.


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