New Rule: Stop Kowtowing to China | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 18, 2022

Here’s the deal China offers American companies and celebrities: we’ll give you access to our billion-plus consumers, as long as you shut up about the whole “police state-genocide” thing.

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  • Hank Warren 11 months ago

    Holy shit bill, come on out of the closet, and just say you are conservative. The left side doesn’t stand for rational thinking

  • papersplease 11 months ago

    Who is more of a fascist dictator, Trump or Trudeau? Maher has zero perspective on this issue. He just can’t get Trump out of his head.

  • Tim Hernandez 11 months ago

    Maher had a hand in creating all these SJW’s. It is a bit enjoyable to watch him slowly being red pilled.

  • shadowfish357 11 months ago

    Bill being “woke” to issues we have known about for years. Chine owns us, plain and simple.

  • Quantumese Boy 11 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Dave G 11 months ago

    Bill going on and on about China’s human rights abuses – forgets to mention that authoritarian regimes in Canada , France , Australia and here in the US have risen – so blinded by his Californian cocoon.

  • Malcolm Ledger 11 months ago

    Now let him give the same treatment to Israel, (if he dares), and see the comments section EXPLODE.

  • Oliver Xiques 11 months ago

    Actually, Bill, you don’t need to be reeducated about China, you need to be educated some basic about China

  • Jacob Vesper 11 months ago

    Lol a democracy based on freedom

  • Dave Freckleton 11 months ago

    I lost all respect for john cena after this video .not that i had alot of respect for him before but still ive never cringed so hard in my life .i was actually embarrassed for him .

  • John Kon 11 months ago

    China DOES HAVE concentration camps. If you don’t agree try asking the Uyghurs (if you can).
    And the sad reality is some American Jewish don’t seem to mind, so long as it isn’t them & they can make money like E. GU, LeBron & Cena.
    The “woke” could give 2 shits about freedom unless it has to do with race, net’s, crypto &/or their sexuality 🤔

  • cyril vallantin 11 months ago

    The truth will set the woke mob panties into a bunch watch for beta weak little cry babies complaining about racism

  • karol metal 11 months ago

    Miss Trump already ?

  • morninboy 11 months ago

    Americas genocide ended years ago, ask any native Indian

  • Charles Kenney 11 months ago

    This is perfect

  • ThisTroper 11 months ago

    The NBA is a hypocritical organization. In 2020, they were all-in on BLM but when Hong Kongers were asking their NBA Player ‘heroes’ to stand up with them, they all sat down especially that two-faced Lebron James.

  • James Wilson 11 months ago

    Wow…. Good job Bill saying what we all have known but the MSM is too afraid to say.

  • Quan Nguyen 11 months ago


  • Geosync 11 months ago

    China is playing us with our own lust for capitalism. This is why Xi thinks the Western democracy is a corrupt disaster. We’re coming apart internally while we kiss their ass to chase the dollars which makes THEM more powerful.

    And Gu is the perfect spy for China – young, attractive, half white, rich American going to Stanford and will be in and/or marry into the circles of wealth and power. Maybe the CCP sees to it. Her family used to work for the state in China. Heck if her family is in China they can put pressure on them as leverage.

    The FBI should try to flip her into a double agent.

  • Patrick Skramstad 11 months ago



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