New Rule: Prime Boss | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on May 22, 2020

In his editorial New Rule, Bill warns of the economic and environmental costs of our dependence on

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  • 11thstory 8 months ago

    We can shop online and support independent companies other than Amazon. We’ve purchased products from which is made up of small independent companies. Conscious Capitalism.

  • wessh00 8 months ago

    It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. I’m all out of bubble gum


  • Gabriel Sanchez 8 months ago

    And we live in a depression. Really.

  • Anthony Grider 8 months ago

    How is trump getting away with all of his crap? It’s time to vote out every no good rotten fake Christian fake family values fake law and order fake pro-life hypocrite lying racist sexist trump cultist republicans in November!! Time to punish them for allowing him to get away with is, so no matter what get out and vote and no more sorry crooked republicans left in office after November and beyond!!!

  • Roger Furlong 8 months ago

    Behold the era of Bond villains


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