New Rule: Press We Can | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 25, 2017

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on the news media to win back its reputation, even if it means sacrificing profits.

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  • Ian Anderson 3 years ago

    True. I’m tired of wishy washy feel good stories. Dig in and do your jobs reporters, your lives may depend on it. If Johnny Carson and Walter Cronkite had seen this election I can only imagine how they would’ve bashed the press for not doing their jobs.

  • Get Rekt 3 years ago

    I don’t like the MSM but they are more trustworthy than Trump, who himself blindly repeats the latest FOX headlines.

  • Stoph Mode 3 years ago

    For fucks sake, I get it, Trump has loyal followers. But they’re still Americans god damnit. Enough with this “us vs them” bullshit. It is NOT going to help anything.

  • 333Love 3 years ago

    MSM is nothing but propaganda. Bill’s a shill for the globalist agenda too. Bottom line is act out your own values on those you come into contact with, have some moral integrity, and finally and most importantly BELIEVE and mindlessly follow NO ONE..especially celebrities.

  • Hamish Gaffaney 3 years ago

    Bill there still doing a shit job, look at the town halls both GOP and dems, and look at the questions people are asking them, thats what your reporters should be doing, In other western countries people dont have to do that becouse, reporters actually ask there leaders tough questions, they dont do that in the U.S particulary when it counts!

  • Isaura Simon 3 years ago

    This is exactly what I said, I blame the media for getting 45 elected. I was so angry about it then, and I am still upset about it. I am sick of hearing his name in the news, because the media is still giving him and his buddies more time than they deserve. I wish the media would just record these people, then show the recordings with the actual facts at the bottom of the screen. Or at least have the decency of just showing the actual facts and not repeat their lies. Because, as we all know, people believe their lies.

  • bochum123123 3 years ago

    I don’t understand how anyone can say that Trump is more trustworthy than… well… anything or anybody. 45% of Americans must be on drugs.

  • gtrguy4god 3 years ago

    It’s a Fox poll, so don’t trust it.

  • Neb Nekkol 3 years ago

    A good start to getting their reputation back would be to stop using the breaking news banner for literally anything

  • Discovery Medical 3 years ago

    Dumb I’m not a trump fan but to say the media gave trump too much coverage and that’s why he won is dumb. They gave him so much coverage because it was like the OJ car chase they didn’t expect him to win and they wanted to see what he would say

  • Trail Cat 3 years ago

    Billy vs Donny is the funniest rich douche feud I’ve seen.

  • SAMURAI JACK 3 years ago

    Press we can? Oh I wish. ?

  • Vote Red 3 years ago

    We have internet now so the bourgeosie can’t control us through fake news like they always did.

  • InterstellarOverdrive 3 years ago

    trump got twice as much coverage by the media than Hillary? yes…
    all exclusively negative coverage

  • Rocky Smith 3 years ago

    wish HBO’s show The Newsroom was still on

  • derek weber 3 years ago

    need journalists not corporate actors

  • One Voice 3 years ago

    True blame the fucking press they created this monster their fucking problem

  • Robert Smith 3 years ago

    Propaganda USA……………..Watch out!

  • Lewis Stennis 3 years ago

    that’s what the media get for pushing Donald trump on us.

  • Maverick 3 years ago

    People are tired of endless bias which has plagued the media culture. Republicans paid close attention as the MSM fawned over Obama, never held him to account and allowed him to shove his progressive agenda down American throats with no accountability. When a Republican run for office, they go full nuclear and do everything in their power to destroy them. You may be liberal and support the games the media played but are you really fucking surprised that half of America rose up to elect the only man who had the balls to hold the MSM to account? The game is rigged and people are tired of not having nobody to fight for them. All the pussy hats in the world mean nothing now. You guys lost everything because nobody wanted to debate. You would rather just criticize, generalize and fucking lie.


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