New Rule: Power Talks and Losers Walk | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 25, 2020

Bill argues that the only way to stop the Republicans’ consolidation of power is by electing Joe Biden with a vote total so huge it will be hard to ignore.

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  • Alpha 119 4 weeks ago

    Hahaha!!! spoken like a true sore loser.., Maher have been aching since 2016.. more Democrat tears on November…
    can’t wait for the compilations Hahaha!!!

  • Mike Proletarian 4 weeks ago

    Expand the court then. If Democrats had any spine they would do it. But we all know they won’t because they love bending over for Republicans.

    And stop blaming third partiez you idiots. The blame is on Hillary and the DNC. It was their fuck up for losing the rust belt.

  • Adrian Ivanov 4 weeks ago

    I dont live in the US, but this is incredibly depressing for me too….

  • Deborah McLean 4 weeks ago

    Tough pill to swallow but give me ten…I voted for Sec. Clinton but I still feel responsible. I remember telling my 24 year old daughter that became political in 2016 the day after the election we have to respect the office and give him a chance.. a week after 1/20/2017 I said forget what I said we’re fucked!!!

  • Duane Grendell 4 weeks ago

    Judges need to be impartial and fair not Republican or Democrat or they should resign justice matters

  • Raúl García 4 weeks ago

    3:54 I’m not “eating” anything, she stole the election from Bernie and you are still defending her. Bernie would have won EASILY. You are part of the problem, you are responsible for all of this. Stop talking like you have moral authority, you don’t, you lost that when you sided with somebody that cheated and stole the election from Bernie and got us into this mess for her sole infinite ambition and selfish vanity.

  • David Canatella 4 weeks ago

    To vote for the lesser of two evils is to be subject to the people in power just increasing the starting point of evil. Go ahead clap like seals, but Biden and most other democrats pushed for the republican supreme court nomination/ remember Anita Hill? If you think that democrats are different from republicans then you don’t work for Goldman Sachs. The fight is kept between the democrats and the republicans because that is the designated control zone for resistance.

  • Googleplus Isterrible 4 weeks ago

    But the Dems said the seat NEEDS to be filled…. so what’s the point.

  • Eulickadese 4 weeks ago

    If you choose not to vote for no good reason, then you made an Apathetic choice. Apathy is Death.

  • ramyet 4 weeks ago

    Can we please get this guy to be president?

  • michael preston 4 weeks ago

    F’n Repube Ghouls are the real terrorists .

  • PuzzledObserver 4 weeks ago

    The blame for our current situation lies solely at the feet of the Democratic Party leaders who have made the wrong calls at every turn, and dismantled their functional base.

  • Jorge Adame 4 weeks ago

    I just love how Bill Maher knows how to speak in a way that actually makes the common folk understand the message, cause all that articulate and highly educated news media presents just goes right over the average persons head

  • joandollie Doyle 4 weeks ago

    Did you feel energised after watching this? Did you think, I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure I stop America sliding further towards power by the minority? Bill comes across as de energised, I thought the same thing last week. He has a lot of influence which is power too. To me he comes across as passive, like if you were being beaten up, he’s a bystander giving a running commentary. It’s not about denying reality but hopelessness is diminished by action in the now. Don’t let apathy and cynicism determine this election too, vote blue.

  • taty1 4 weeks ago

    The one that help put that fascist in power was the Bernie followers in revenge to The Clintons ! Now we are screwed over !!!

  • Ectraordinary 4 weeks ago

    I use to really like Bill, today not much, he truly change.From the liberal he use to be , to the Bill now he show so much hate to Trump .So he is a Democrat who can’t accept that Hilary lost.
    A Democrat who Idolize Obama ,like he never did something wrong.Wish is a lie.
    Libya , just one example how Hilary and Obama destroy a country like Bush did with Iraq.
    Today Obama is getting richer and richer playing on peoples emotions.
    Obamas memoirs are 2 volumes ! .. most ex presidents do only one.
    Because he is capitalizing on Trump and the election and people like Bill Maher ,who Idolize him.
    So sad….

  • Lach D 4 weeks ago

    The best New Rule Bill has ever done

  • Len Santiago 4 weeks ago

    God Bless our King, HRH Donald J. Trump! MAGA!!!! Draining that swamp!

  • Vicki Johnson 4 weeks ago

    CNN, MSNBC, TIMEs, Post, etc. All call burning looting, murder, anti white fascist Marxist filth…….Peaceful protest. Lies you want, Russia gate, Pornstar gate, Trump killing troops lie, Trump refusing to honour fallen solder lies, Trump defund police lies. You are either deaf, dumb, and blind Bill, or your a liar!

    This is why no conservative can trust liberals. Your all Satan worshipers!

  • PtolemyauletesXII 4 weeks ago

    Bill always takes the wrong lesson from everything. We’re supposed to feel as if we didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton? Seriously? If she were president almost nothing would be different. It would just have a different coloured bow wrapped over the turd. In fact, in many ways it would be worse, because at least with Trump there is a real obvious villain to face and the illusion that positive change might be in the offing. But when the alternative to Trump you offer us is Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden no wonder people stay at home.


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