New Rule: Past & Furious | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 10, 2019

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop judging everyone’s past behavior by today’s “woke” standards.

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  • homeslice573 1 year ago


  • MrWagman11 1 year ago

    Liberals are despicable people.

  • Crickett 1 year ago

    New rule: If you’re going to complain about people holding politicians to account on their records, you can’t host a weekly comedy show where you spend an hour pretending to hold politicians to account on their records.

  • Kenneth Dower 1 year ago

    Republicans will rally ’round a risible reptile, if it means winning; Democrats will demonize and eat their own at any cost.

  • Bob Barker 1 year ago

    my god? bill just gets worse every week. just another corporate democrat in progressive clothing

  • Orion6699 1 year ago

    The new trick in democratic politics is regurgitating all that identity politics crap ad nauseam to show all their far left fruit cakes how far left they can go. Whole mess is about as appealing as a 10 day old bucket of rat crap. I absolutely can not stand Trump. But I will vote for an independent long before I ever vote for some far left progressive nut job.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    I do wonder how future generations will judge all the super woke millennials who slap a ‘This machine fights Fascism’ sticker on their iPhones -built by economic slaves in an oppressive country, by a company that doesn’t pay a cent in taxes -, and use it to order trendy pop culture memorabilia for their unboxing channels from another company who exploits workers and doesn’t pay taxes.


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