New Rule: Nepo Babies | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 24, 2023

Show business, modeling and politics are full of nepo babies, but sports is the last refuge of meritocracy in America.

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  • Brooks .Anderson 2 months ago

    Boy, Bill is really going for the low hanging fruit!

  • bdog1323 2 months ago

    Hey F*ckface!!! Haven’t heard that thrown around since Billy Ripken’s bat.

  • M LO 2 months ago

    But our schools only have one purpose today in 2023: churn out good workers to insert into the capitalist machine. That’s CLEARLY why the stem curriculum is the way it is.

    School should be a place where we learn how to be forward-thinking community members and great critical thinkers in variety, not narcissistic resume-obsessed slaves to big tech or whatever other “big” industry you like.

    You’re smarter than that, Bill? Act like you know the crux and inherent quality of education.

  • MattSmith 2 months ago

    Really? Nepotism? It’s everywhere! My dad robbed banks. Try following that parental trait.

  • MattSmith 2 months ago

    Oh yeah. Youtube sucks!

  • Cherif 2 months ago

    MAHER 2024

  • Orxan R 2 months ago

    schools admit maybe 1% through parental connections. The worst offenders can go up to 10%. Be 10% and get one of the 90% seats. Cant do that?! you are the problem

  • Terry Russel 2 months ago

    Common Sense. REALITY BASED common sense.
    Thanks Again Mr. Maher

  • susan perry 2 months ago

    He’s cute.

  • Bradley Page 2 months ago

    minus Jeromy Lin

  • Susan Sanchez 2 months ago

    Bill, you forgot to mention stage actor Richard Bennett, father of golden age Hollywood actresses Constance and Joan Bennett…

  • Bipolar Mind Droppings 2 months ago

    It’s not true in all sports, Formula 1 has a few nepo babies, less these days, but still a one or two…

  • monica delisle 2 months ago

    as a white priviledged man, why do you call it only the whites do it?

  • Nuclear Geek 2 months ago

    It’s sad that the hyper-left who now view common sense traditional liberal values like, equal opportunity not equal outcome, will now attack Bill Maher for holding “far right racist & sexist views” again.
    He is NOT a republican and republicans and conservatives should stop screaming “gotcha” every time he makes a common sense center statement like this. I still think the silent centrists are still the truly biggest “party” in the US and it’s honestly past time a true centrist party is started. Everyone will say it’s impossible to change it now, it’s been said for decades. But, these aren’t the only parties that have existed and if it’s not attempted, the polarizing move in the country is just going to get worse and worse.

  • Snerd Terguson 2 months ago

    Nepotism helps in sports too though. Look at Mike Piazza. Drafted in the 62nd round by the Dodgers as a favor because he was someone’s Nephew or something, then his skill, and perhaps something else, helped him get into the Hall of Fame. But without that one favor for a friend, he may never have gotten the chance.

  • dire wolf 2 months ago

    maher once again insults young men calling them ‘lazy’ for wearing shorts when his 1st guest comes on wearing shorts .. seems like every week he passes off the same critical remarks that go unchallenged so that he begins to think they are true .. who else does that sound like ??


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