New Rule: National Chill the F**k Out Month | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 5, 2021

Bill dedicates his editorial New Rule to raising awareness about the growing epidemic of raising awareness.

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  • Butch Coolidge 2 years ago

    Bill, Salt awareness week and all the other awareness weeks is not making us depressed because 99.99% of us are NOT AWARE of these. Bill once again bitches about a nonexistent problem.

  • Jim Heeren 2 years ago

    Meanwhile in Europe (and the rest of the world) where we have awareness days or weeks as well but it’s more for people in the loop (doctors, family of people who passed away from certain diseases and just some people wo really, really care) but nobody wears ribbons. Yes the English wear a red poppy in november but the First World War is and will for ever be a pretty big deal. Also our milk cartons are nice and empty and have pictures of cows or goats.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D 2 years ago

    Caring Nurturer
    I’m wondering… Can I be a caring nurturer… I’d like to write a really good post today… cuz I’m good enough… smart enough… and gosh darn it… people like me! 
    OK… I have to apologize for this… but I have to admit that some of my posts were not my best posts but I have to give myself permission to write some less than good posts… now and then. So that’s alright. 
    For those of you who read my posts U know I usually write my posts alone but today I have a censor with me and his name is Bill… I have to protect his anonymity. Let’s just say that Bill was a former President of a major World power.
    I imagine, Bill. that like me the night before a Congressional Investigation or in my case a 
    posting, U lie in bed awake at night thinking, I’m not good enough, everyone else is better than me, I’m just going to screw up– literally and not fulfill any promises. I have no business being President… or, in my case, posting to You Tube.
    I know what it’s like to have all those tapes rolling in your sleepless little head: I’m a fraud, tomorrow I’m going to be exposed for what I am: a sex addict, every one is going to find out and just hate me. 
    Well those critical negative thoughts are coming from my inner children and I want to replace those negative thoughts with a daily affirmation… which I promised I would do: I don’t have to be a great poster. I don’t have to mix and match words or put one before the other. cuz all I have to do is be the best I can be… to be good enough… smart enough… and gosh darn 
    it… just have people like me!

  • Matthew Scanlon 2 years ago

    Rush Limbagh did this joke years ago that wearing stupid ribbons make you care more

  • Michael Lee 2 years ago

    I can’t wait for the social justice warriors to come for this clown 🙄 His skeletons have to be piled up all the way to the ceiling 🙌 Quomo has to be a choir boy compared to him. You reap what you sow.

  • Cameron French 2 years ago

    It sounds like Jeff Garlin is in the audience, he has a very unique laugh

  • Joyce Taylor 2 years ago

    Taking a break from everyone else’s problems….so true

  • Jeff Boutin 2 years ago

    Hey liberals. If you like this, you’ll like Tucker Carlson. He’s just as reprehensible.

  • Giovanni Magnus 2 years ago

    I have nothing against these awareness months, because a great deal of the time, they’re related to charities that raise money for health causes and human rights movements. However, as I grow older, I have come to understand a particular phrase all the more often with regards to charities – charities are founded where governments fail.

    This can go a long way to explain why so many exist and why we have so many awareness days/weeks/months, because successive governments have failed to address the problems. Not just the lack of funding, but also the lack of education, the lack of enshrining rights, and the lack of regulation. We have so many of these awareness programs because the state bodies that used to look out for our well being no longer do. We have so many health charities, because our lifestyles have not only become unhealthy, but because corporations have cut corners and have lobbied governments to turn a blind eye to the crap they’re putting into it. We have so many mental health charities, because the education system doesn’t teach about neurodiversity or prepare us to face our problems. We have so much time dedicated to remembering the plight of minorities, differing ethnicities, and gender/sexual identities, because governments still argue over whether humans deserve human rights, or do not tackle violations with enough diligence. There is so much awareness, because the government decided to ignore so much.

    The world needs compassion, by all means, but it also needs direction. It needs political powers that understand that being in government isn’t simply a privilege or a ticket to power, there is a responsibility as well.

  • Elizabeth P 2 years ago


  • Bhisma Koirala 2 years ago

    I am sorry bill this is another bill’s joke and i am of-course talking about legend Bill Burr, he made this joke on conan few years ago

  • Abdullah Al-Assiri 2 years ago

    Bill Burr came to mind

  • Bhisma Koirala 2 years ago

    The only thing Budweiser should make people aware of is other beers which are thousand percent better than Budweiser

  • Matthew Larri 2 years ago

    Bill Maher is like a bag of chicharrones. When you open that bag up, and whiff that fart smell, you gotta start eating and can’t stop until the bag is gone. This Idahoan loves you, even though I shouldn’t and you’re bad for me.

  • I am I am Mr Loco I am 2 years ago

    Why be aware that loving money kills, when you can be sick selfish and have pleasure in ignorance?

  • So B 2 years ago

    Let’s raise awareness on Bill Maher running out of materials for new rules.

  • sarysa 2 years ago

    I’m with you, Bill, and the 20th can be Chill the Fuck Out Day.

  • Corey L. Watson 2 years ago

    It exemplifies laziness on the behalf of marketing efforts. Marketers see the easy target: emotionally charged topics that affect the many. We all have to “care” so buy my sh!t.

  • noble 'D cree 2 years ago

    Stolen from Stanhope

  • Jerbo 1 2 years ago

    That one guy laughing is incredibly distracting.


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