New Rule: My Way or the Die Way | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • Leanne Blake 2 years ago

    I always support My Team , My Party . Whoever It maybe be. Because otherwise it will be Chaos.

  • M 4D 2 years ago

    Oh yes Bill, lead us to the Kinder gentler way.

  • Rion Shikder 2 years ago

    Again with the Bernie bros bullshit. Nice unifying segment Bill. 7 out of 5

  • chauncey gardner 2 years ago

    This post was for Justin Bieber wonderful ly dancing with children and James Cordon.   Most shooters have antidepressant experience. Read below closely.  May save lives :

    JB has love in his life and love heals.  Sometimes.  Thank God.  Don’t let them give you psych meds young man.  Study Dr. Irving Kirsch and Dr. Peter Breggin as you study the big blue book yo.  Mental health system is broken and ruled by psych md’s with a complex compared to non mental health md’s…psych md’s created the dsm in the 70’s due to their inferiority complex….try to go do talk therapy…you will have a psych md above your file…as the therapist uses a check list to evaluate you for the psych md who will find some reason to give you an ssri…a check list made by your new drug dealer…the psych md….who sees only 1 in 10 patients for talk therapy and prescribes based on the DSM which is a novel.
    Addicts like jb have a 2-5 % chance of staying sober….I know that sucks….but as “antidepressants” (no such thing) aka SSRI’s have an fda black box warning stating “don’t drink or use on them”…
    ….and as an addict/alcoholic exists often with relapse…..AS A PART OF RECOVERY….
    …..why would a talk therapist prescribe that newly sober person an SSRI?
    You tell us.
    Cutest video since the sweet kid praying in class.  Love heals…
    Antidepressants are proven to be placebo by their makers who HID THAT and have been sued/settled for billions…and to cause suicidal ideation and violence.
    They (pharma) “settled” so you could loose your mind on antidepressants.
    This is not scientology (no opinion on that…staying clear).
    Watch Medicating Normal
    Coming soon.
    Peace.  World Love.
    You an addict alcoholic?
    Bounce your psych md suggestion to ruin your life with an ssri, with your sponsor…to see if working the steps sincerely does not clear up your stinking thinking…
    And if not…after 90 days…go do therapy….but careful…some psych md will try to evaluate you as you withdrawal.  (Lol wtf).
    “State of ny vs. GSK”
    HB….don’t let t put JB on psych meds in early recovery as they do to Greg Giraldo and Robin Williams to name…only a few.

  • Keith Minnix 2 years ago

    The United States will survive. It is a democratic republic with a system that has a separation of powers that check and balance each other. There is no chance that the whole system will collapse. The civilized and decent people will not allow it.

  • Taqi Yasir 2 years ago

    although both sides have crazies among them, you cannot deny that right wingers tend to be a little more batshit crazy and believe in nutty conspiracy theories than the folks on the left.

  • Mark Vajd 2 years ago

    Once again Maher misses the cause of the problem to complain and moralise about politeness and moderation. People are hurting and it makes them angry. The people who were supposed to look out for them have sold them out, ergo death threats. For a guy that’s supposed to be edgy and intelligent, Maher has become a lazy proponent of safe status quo politics.

  • DhammaDina 2 years ago

    May all beings be peaceful, well, happy and prosperous. May wisdom grow in recognizing the destructive energy of hatred and aggression and avoid falling into it by practicing loving kindness.

  • Mad Repore 2 years ago

    Hate to be this guy but… this is nothing new. Having your life threatened because you have a different opinion is as American as Baseball. Don’t believe me? What do you think happened to those who voted for the 13th Amendment? What do you think happened to the people who tried to enforce it? How well was it received when Alabama had to let black people; attend schools, hospitals, restaurants, and voting booths? But I can do race all day. How about when the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for schools to enforce prayer? How about when the courts made it unconstitutional for the state to prevent an abortion? What about the women suffrage, when they had to earn their right to vote? Yea. Death threats has been apart of this nation since the beginning. It didn’t magically spring up because of “cancel culture” it’s always been a thing. The only reason why it’s such a shocker now, is because it’s no longer a minority that’s having their lives threatened it’s the majority. When the person that’s threatening you, looks like you, then you guys will start to see the problem. But, this is good news. The first thing you need to do, to fix a problem, is to admit that you have a problem. And Huston, we have a problem.

  • MIDBC1 2 years ago

    The USA and the UK have way too many hot headed morons

  • James Bordon 2 years ago

    Most likely Bernie will be eliminated in the contested convention, We as progressives instead of crying about it when it comes let’s just look forward and urge Bernie to create a new party ” the progressive party” so in the next election a progressive candidate such as AOC or Cenk Uygur will be the party candidate so we can all vote for without the fear of her or him being eliminated, lets let the democratic party die with its elderly base and donors. Please send an e-mail to Bernie’s staff about this, After all it was his dream, take a look:

  • cryptocerebral 2 years ago

    Those threats are not from the left/liberals but either from trolls, bots or Reich-publicans impersonating left/liberals

  • TigerUppercut#Fan 2 years ago

    I don’t remember actually hearing about “Bernie Bros” sending the Culinary union death threats — I thought it was just mean tweets. If it’s true, not cool guys 😂 we’re pro healthcare, those things don’t blend.

  • Evil Disclozerz 2 years ago

    I’m on Instagram as @meme.funda. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

  • Jon Foxe 2 years ago

    Bill Maher is like the people who thought the Tide Pod challenge was mainstream behavior among young folks

  • Neon 2 years ago

    The union members all voted for Bernie, just corrupt leadership of the Union was against it

  • Adam Tak 2 years ago

    I call BS on that culinary bit.

  • DPowered Smith 2 years ago

    Cancel culture never canceled anything or ruined anybody but sometimes i wish it could

  • TheDmanone 2 years ago

    Why does everything wrong with the world and how people talk have to do with cancel culture with this guy? Cancel culture isn’t a thing. It happens so little from the consumer side that you would barely notice it. It’s like the corporations complaining about how often they get sued by people, but then you find out it doesn’t even happen more than a dozen times a year, and most of the time, the corporation wins. Maher, seriously, get off the cancel culture BS. You’re not a martyr for cancel culture when you were canceled by your network from complaints by the government and are still a multi millionair whining nightly about this fake cancel culture

  • SGG 2 years ago

    Remove anonymity from the internet and death threats will stop.
    Let’s return to slapping gloves on people’s faces!


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