New Rule: Losing to China | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 12, 2021

Bill warns Americans that while they’re busy obsessing over silly culture wars, China is overtaking them on the world stage.

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  • Magdalene Laroe 2 years ago

    The quiet samurai immunophenotypically judge because needle analogously soak beyond a second-hand dress. tiny, cloistered scene

  • JCTiggs 2 years ago

    Lots of great points here. And China has 40,000 km of high speed rail!? That’s incredible.

  • C drum 2 years ago

    Elementary, my Dear Watson.

    We are stuck in racialville while China is going over their ABCs and 123s.

    Only a matter of time ….

  • Amanda D 2 years ago

    A company got rid of the books and thats their right. It was the rightwingers who made a big deal about it.

  • J-Me 2 years ago

    This is the real reason for all of the civil unrest in the US over the last year. No matter what, we’re fucked, and people can feel it in their bones. People can scapegoat and blame their political rivals, hashtag the latest awareness campaign, even riot, but there’s no escaping the reality of what’s coming.

  • Jack Ophelott 2 years ago

    Yen is Japanese currency Bill.

  • Manuel García Barbero 2 years ago

    Exceptionalism is killing the US. An absurd legal system… Imperial meassure system… Nonesensical electric grid standards… No universal medical system… gerrymandering… Voters restrictions… filibuster… Etc. how to be a great nation when you do not want to have a strong government but a federal chaos?….

  • Johnny Aragon 2 years ago

    We are the stupid people! Not the silly stupid people! Yet? But close! Very close!

  • damnyouzabitch 2 years ago

    He is right. But China has a demographic crisis and something like 200m people will be erased in next 100 years because of low birth rate. It will be a demographic and economic catastrophe. The US can still reinvent itself there’s still time.

  • Jack Napier 2 years ago

    So Totally true this country will soon be nothing more than a needed consumer for China.
    Kinda like a drug addict is for a drug dealer,.
    Basically owned & controlled by China.

  • James H.Long 2 years ago

    Planning on moving to China, Bill?

  • Fred Carter 2 years ago

    So Bill has gone altright…🤔

  • Yue Ma 2 years ago

    “we see a problem, we ignore it, we … it”, you forgot including we blame others for it.

  • Stygian Phantasm 2 years ago

    It’s shit like this when Bill is at his greatest.

  • Nahuel Martínez 2 years ago

    Authoritarian governments get things done because nothing else matters to them. The US can’t get shit done because too many things matter to them. Middle ground, people

  • Scott Stephens 2 years ago

    They have a P.O.S. that’s crazy, we had a crazy P.O.S.

  • Stygian Phantasm 2 years ago

    We got to find a balance and being able to function and quit having a battle of wills with one another because we don’t want the other side to look good.

  • This guy 2 years ago

    “China sees a problem, they fix it.” Not true. If they were able to fix problems that easily, Covid wouldn’t have spread to the rest of the world. They were locking people in buildings during Covid to make sure they couldn’t go outside and iied to WHO. Had they done a better job, maybe we would have been more prepared.

    I’ve heard Covid been called “China’s Chernobyl,” but this is worse than that.

  • sugarcookiecube 2 years ago

    Ouch! This truth really hurts. Thanks Bill for being woke while the rest of of this country sleeps.

  • Tracy Jones 2 years ago

    Impacted colon of a country. 👍👏👏👏


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