New Rule: Hollywood’s Culture of Violence | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 10, 2022

Hollywood is the wokest place on earth in every other area of social responsibility, but when it comes to the unbridled romanticization of gun violence – crickets.

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  • Pablo Villaverde 12 months ago

    I mean, is this so important? These movies are watched all around the world, but only the US have a recurrent problem with mass shootings

  • Wayne M Bienek 12 months ago

    100-200 people die on the roadway EVERY DAY.. ‘Mass shootings’ isn’t an issue.. IN a YEAR.. Less than 150 … It’s a control tactic to direct your focus on something.

  • Moseh Khayim 12 months ago

    So no censorship. Okay agreed. Then what Bill?

  • Adam Garrick 12 months ago

    The brutalization of men in Hollywood is so accepted and glorified that we don’t even notice it anymore. It’s often even played for comedy. We’ve also got a problem of not caring about young men until it’s too late. They’re getting a steady stream of ‘nobody cares if you die, but you’ll be cool if you’re the one doing the killing’ from all forms of entertainment, the media, their peers, etc, while society makes it quite clear to us that males are expendable. It’s easy to dehumanize people when you get a steady diet of reasons why that’s okay.

  • D Volsung 12 months ago

    I remember this argument 25 years ago. It didn’t hold up then either because I don’t think that movies, games, music and TV are that big of a factor.

    One of the issues I think is contributing the most is the idea of harm and the appropriate response to it. I feel like the idea of what an attack is and what violence is has changed in the minds of young people. I don’t think they see slights, insults, exclusions, or other similar acts that hurt their feelings as any different from a physical attack. Mix a warped idea of manhood, identity, and undeveloped political ideology into an already disturbed irrationally emotional person, and you have the recipe for the violence we see. I think they think killing is a viable solution because they are “defending” themselves from the world that’s assaulting them. They also know that the news media will immortalize them once they do it. Now add the problem the internet brings where any sick nutjob can gain encouragement and confidence in their plotting, and the issue just becomes worse.

    There is obviously more to the problem including easy access to guns, oblivious / absentee parents, sexual abuse, etc.. But anything above would have been a better deep dive point than movies in my opinion. At least Bill threw in the disclaimer about not structing policy and censorship around crazy people.

  • Sardonic Spartan 12 months ago

    No such thing as gun violence.

  • Toph B 12 months ago

    Its almost like educated people can separate fantasy from reality, and mouth breathing cousin fuckers wanna be Rambo and own all the guns they can get their fat beer soaked fingers around

  • damnthisuser 12 months ago

    What is wrong with Bill. Is he just getting old? Just the other day he was complaining about not censoring Twitter or covid info being shoved done the publics throat but now he’s complaining about violence in movies. The issues are guns. Hollywood movies are shown across the world but we’re the only ones with this problem.

  • R Russell 12 months ago

    Between Bill’s comments and the Joe Calato “She nails it” video on FB it seems like our hypocrisy is catching up to us.

  • Dustin Alexander 12 months ago

    Maybe take a look at the original columbine fuel, Leo Dicaprio’s “The Basketball Diaries.” You could also pay attention to the inner city mass shootings that somehow always get overlooked by the national nightly news. There’s no political currency in the event when the victims and the perpetrator aren’t white.

  • poetdelorean 12 months ago

    But the rest of the world watches these movies too, and we don’t have the same problem with gun violence.

  • Data Wizard 12 months ago

    People with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of violence than actually doing said crime (numerous studies out there have debunked this)

  • A1- M.G.S 12 months ago

    I agree, and he didn’t even talk about the music industry

  • dri eey 12 months ago

    Moral of the story… it’s all a money making thing, whether you are Hollywood or the NRA. The effects on society and damage done to lives is way on the back burner.

  • MUTABARA Rene 12 months ago

    talk about a double standard

  • patricia tutaki 12 months ago

    But you are overlooking the take-home violent games … and the online violent games … and the fact that Disney seldom uses the degree of violence in their movies that all the others do … plus the simple fact that most of that gruesome stuff is not produced at the major studios,but the countless “independents”

  • Socialdogma 12 months ago

    These are the same movies that young men in Canada, UK, Australia, and so on see. Yet no mass school shootings there.


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