New Rule: Getting It in the Nuts | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 18, 2021

Bill tells officials in drought-stricken California that it’s time to make a choice about water: getting it in the people, or getting it in the nuts.

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  • alan gallart 2 years ago

    Come on Bill, no mention at all of meat and dairy? really? it slipped through? Pussy

  • Joshuah Rossman 2 years ago

    Ban almond milk

  • Chris Smith 2 years ago

    This makes too much sense (as usual).

  • Robert Eastwood 2 years ago


  • Edward De Jong 2 years ago

    Half the almonds are sold to china. So we are on water restriction, so that the Chinese can have cheap almonds… great choice Newsom!

  • Zanderman 2 years ago

    That’s nuts

  • mandyinseattle 2 years ago

    Not exactly. Cattle/beef production is taking up too much of everything and is spoiling everything. Half the stuff we grow is to feed cows that are trampling the planet and shittibg in the water and polluting our air. Please #BoycottBeef or eat much less of it.

    Besides, ranchers kill wolves and other wildlife because they don’t want to share the planet with anyone. Their time is over.

  • B.W.Fontaine 2 years ago

    What no one is willing to say for fear of being labeled a bigot, is the SEVERE problem Calif has with the insanely high number of dirtbags from south of the border, who are living here in direct violation of federal law…those POS people are USING/WASTING our water, there’s no way that they cannot be using/wasting our water….

  • Ozymandias 2 years ago

    Most water goes to farm animals. Almonds are not the problem.

  • B M 2 years ago

    Hey Californians, stop moving to Arizona

  • Robert Rowland 2 years ago

    Capitalism has its priorities.

  • George Ralston 2 years ago

    An imperialist shill stumbling across a good point

  • Aron Kovacs 2 years ago

    I live in Vegas, the water company will shut down your water line if they detect a leak in your house not fixed In a couple days, yet excess irrigation water just runs down the sidewalks.


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