New Rule: Get In the Bubble | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 16, 2019

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on Democrats to engage with people they disagree with, even if it means appearing on Fox News.

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  • Liberty City El 5 months ago


  • New Message 5 months ago

    I always used to call it ‘Resting Douche Face’.. but ‘Tucker Face’ works.

  • David Alberts 5 months ago

    Real Zionism with Bill Shill.

  • Funk 5 months ago

    The problem is the people whose main source of news is Fox News are brainwashed. How could a Democratic debate possibly change their mind? They’ll have their favorite talking heads spinning everything the moment it ends. And they’ll hear the Democratic candidates arguing about if their fellow candidates are liberal enough. And they’ve been taught that being liberal (aka caring just as much about the poor as the rich) is evil. I honestly think this is more likely to push a viewer that wasn’t planning to vote to vote for Trump than to make them reconsider their beliefs.

    Now as for the main debates, that’s a different story entirely. If the Democratic Nominee destroys Trump in a debate (which is likely, given that he’s barely able to form a sentence), we want everyone to see that. But seeing Democrats argue amongst themselves, I don’t see how that will change a Fox News viewer’s mind. A normal, sensible Republican? Maybe. But not the ones that sign up to be brainwashed on a daily basis.

  • Noir Rain 5 months ago

    Democrats don’t go to fox because they will be asked facts and truths. You can’t hide from that. It’s a fact. The same fact that all these rich liberal kids with low IQ and the brain full of drugs that they need to buy their diploma in an elite college. Democrats are a joke. More 6 years of Trump. Deal with it.

  • william foreman 5 months ago

    Our greatest tool right now is education,,,,,, we need to educate the uneducated,,,,,,, that is trumps base the wealthy and the uneducated,,,,, and unfortunately racist bigot‘s which brings me back to my initial comment education,,,,,, if we can educate ignorant and ill-informed and inbred people properly we stand a chance,,, let’s not forget the Democrats lost the last presidential election due to Russian hacking,,,,, the Russians engaged in a massive misinformation campaign,,,, I think we also need to get rid of the electoral college,,,,, that was designed and set up by the GOP to benefit them primarily,,,,,, it will benefit democrats from time to time however,,,,,, ultimately it benefits the GOP…..

  • DaKermitFrog 5 months ago

    2:30 That’s why it’s click bait state media.. Dems don’t want to associate themselves with these morons who will frame everything against you and make *YOU* look like a piece of shit.. when the republicans come on your show, they know that what you say is pretty accurate so they just have to spin facts… versus someone having to spin their stupid conservative bullshit back to facts and the truth..

  • Argha Deb 5 months ago

    Keep up the hope Bill… counting on u..

  • Tacet the Terror 5 months ago

    Andrew Yang has been on Fox News plenty of times, more so than any other democratic candidate running for the presidency.

  • Andre Vlasov 5 months ago

    I couldn’t agree more. Being open minded, going against your gut is sometimes better than what you have right now. Change is good!

  • Gary L. Holbrook II 5 months ago

    The story broke this week that Fox News loaded the deck with Trump for the debates in 2016. Why walk into that willingly?

  • brenegade7 5 months ago

    Any body that watches @foxnews on a daily basis and NOTHING ELSE is already a lost soul! I don’t care that the DNC is not allowing Fox to host a debate it doesn’t matter! The way the conservative think tank is at this day in age is a lost sight with TrumpTards leading the way! They are not voting for ANY of the democrats, so why waste the time of these people to go on a network that won’t vote for them where it matters the most: the General Election! Sorry but fuck anybody that thinks this move on the DNC was a bad move! Fox does not deserve any of these people’s time and doesn’t deserve to give them any airspace!

  • Sylvain Taif 5 months ago

    Fox News viewers might just be too far gones – I assume it would be easier to convince fox news viewers with grassroots door to door campaign and town halls than via MSM.
    As for the democratic debate, it sure will be watched. Why give Fox News the opportunity to enrich itself on the dems ?

    I disagree with your point Bill 🙂

  • Guillermo Rivas 5 months ago

    Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang have been on Fox news. Bernie give a magnificent speech at Liberty University. The most progressive (fighters) are the ones who go out of their way to challenge the right-wing narrative. Bill Maher should distinguish the moderate “centrist” candidates with the progressive candidates. Centrists cower, limit themselves to coming on Fox news. That’s the truth.

  • nural 20xx 5 months ago

    Bill maher only host pro Israel guest,any one disagree with israel poltics he will never be invited to the show

  • Paul Sommerhalder 5 months ago

    Drink Stoli and get Tuckerfaced.

  • Gray Mid 5 months ago

    I agree with Bill here, because Dems/liberals allow republicans to impose a narrative, and this is tragic in consequences for society and democracy, because republicans simply lie, I will give two, examples of recent events. The right wing is full of hypocrites, who accuse other people of what they do themselves. The last example of it is Tucker Carlson. Not only did he praise the child rape, but in his old radio interviews , he said :
    -“I’m like extraordinarily loaded from money I inherited from trust funds..I’ve never needed to work”
    -Jokes about abusing his ‘servants’
    This from the guy who rails every night against ‘elitism’ and claims to represent the American worker. Total fraud. Here is the link :
    And media should talk about this more, they don’t and this is a mistake, because public opinion is overwhelmed by this hatred, streotypes, conspiracy theories, lies. The right wing throws at us lie after lie and yet the liberals are still not able to properly expose these lies of the right wing. Enough !
    The right wing was also so mad at Smollett and analyzed his case non-stop, so why nobody says anything now about Jacob Wohl? He faked a crime too, bu he is white. Jacob Wohl will avoid Fox New Smollet-rage because he was smart enough to fake his hate crime while bein ‘white. Where is Ben Shapiro now? Hypocrites.
    Republicans repeat that there is only one narrative everywhere. But what is the narrative on Fox News? What is the political narrative of millions of youtube accounts that spread ultra-right ideology, conspiracy theories, ordinary lies, slander people? Trump’s cultists are like zombies, shouting after their master ” Fake news! Maga! ”. Like robots. So no, those who oppose Trump are just normal people and not about any political narrative, just decent people, who oppose lies – Trump is a pathological liar and this is a fact, they oppose hatred, incompetence, chaos, crimes, because this administration is the most corrupt, immoral administration full of hypocrites.

  • Harmony Jones 5 months ago

    Screw Fox! Letting them host a debate would just legitimise them and it’s time we stopped doing that. They’re not having their free speech challenged, they’re just being denied the prestige that gives them so much fucking credence with so many fucking idiots. This is the best decision EVER! Why are you defending an outright propaganda network?!

  • David Anderson 5 months ago

    You won’t change their minds, at all… and debates are stupid and pointless… and I honestly don’t care at all about this topic… too many other issues than this stupid whine fest

  • brian early 5 months ago

    Fox News rarely invite Democratic reps. that would put up a fight.


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